Explore more than 60 majors, certificates and programs at LaGuardia and find the one that’s right for you.

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Fields of Interest

To aid your exploration of majors, we’ve organized our 64 academic programs and options around 6 Fields of Interest related to the careers associated with them. We hope the brief descriptions of each larger field helps our students consider the major they want to explore. You will also find materials that highlight specific career and transfer paths for a smaller group of majors that often have similar courses in the first semester or two. To learn more, consider exploring some of our self-assessment tools and other resources that provide information about career and transfer pathways, potential salaries, and the types of skills you will use in your work. The course catalog describes the academic coursework you will encounter, and the degree maps outline the required and recommended courses that will help students in their chosen field. Please note that some majors/options appear in more than one Field of Interest. You may also explore a list of all majors.

Pursuing a career in this field provides an opportunity to examine various facets of how a business runs. Students will learn about finances, marketing, and technology as well as the value of acting with integrity and professionalism when interacting with clients, vendors, and business competitor. A degree in this field can put students on a path to managing, running, or owning many types of business—large or small—or supporting the financial or management operations of a business.
A career in Education & Public Service offers a chance to explore a career aimed at helping people through education, the law, human services, or public health. The field has many careers and paths to explore through a number of majors at LaGuardia, allowing students the opportunity to find the path that best fits with their strengths or goals. Degrees in this field are stepping stones to licensure for classroom teachers along with exposure to alternative career paths in education. Interest in this field offers opportunities to explore careers connected to law, and also provides knowledge of the interaction of human systems including individual, families, and communities within a variety settings.
The STEM field is robust and offers the chance to explore disciplines that leadi to a wide range of careers. Scientists are interested in learning about the world around us. Engineering allows students to apply principles of science and mathematics to improve the world around us, while our majors in Computers and Information Science provide an entryway into a fast-growing, ever-evolving field. Industrial Design is a combination of applied art and applied science, whereby aesthetics, ergonomics, and usability of manufactured products may be improved for marketability and production. Music Recording Technology is a specialized area that provides an entry to the technical side of the entertainment industry
This is a growing field with many career options and majors to choose from and all that lead to careers promoting health and wellness. The Clinical Health Programs this area include fieldwork that prepares students for careers on the front lines of healthcare, serving patients and even client’s pets! This field also includes majors leading to careers in Nutrition, Psychology, Public and Community Health, and Business.
Exposing students to a broad range of skills and knowledge, pursuing a major in this field can lead to hundreds of careers. Study of a specific language or culture supports many jobs that value multi-lingual talent. The field also includes careers in policy, education, and communication. The courses in these majors offer exposure to modern languages, literature, history and other humanities and social science subject, such as anthropology or psychology. Students will acquire cultural knowledge required for an increasingly global, interconnected, and intercultural society.
This field supports careers in a variety of the arts—as painters or sculptors, musicians or actors, as well as theater managers, marketing professionals, and designers. Within the visual and performing arts, students can practice their craft, build a portfolio of their work, and gain exposure to the many career options available in their chosen field.