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This major broadly prepares students for transfer by introducing them to a variety of fields such as anthropology, history, literature, language and culture, art, film, philosophy and politics.

A liberal arts education is by nature broad and diverse, rather than specialized, and will provide you with skills that you will apply if choosing to move on to graduate or professional school and in the world of work.

The skills developed in earning a liberal arts degree can give you an important edge in today’s global world. A liberal arts education will enhance your knowledge and give you context that will improve your understanding of the world and its people.

If you are passionate about learning and want to spend your college years exploring new ideas rather than only preparing for a specific career, or if you want a major that lets you explore your options while preparing for your future, Liberal Arts is the major for you.

Are You Interested In...

  • Learning about the world around you?
  • Developing and using problem-solving skills?
  • Using art to develop ideas and share knowledge?
  • Writing about ideas and the world?

Skills You Will Learn

  • Analysis of ideas
  • Interpretation of data and documents
  • Synthesis of ideas from different disciplines (e.g. Art, Literature, History, etc.)
  • Evaluation of sources — primary documents, news, etc.
  • Critical reasoning
  • Effective communication across mediums and with different audiences

What makes this major unique?

The Liberal Arts: Social Science and Humanities offers students flexibility to explore various interests while earning an Associate’s Degree. Students in this major can sample courses from different Humanities and Social Science fields before making a deeper commitment to a specific field. The Liberal Arts: SSH degree is a very flexible major and can transfer into a wide- variety of majors at 4-year institutions. This major takes a broad path across various disciplines. For more concentrated focus in a specific Liberal Arts or Humanities field you might consider exploring specific Liberal Arts options.

Career Possibilities

A liberal arts education is not intended to train you for a specific job. Instead, it prepares you for the world of work by providing you with an invaluable set of skills, including the ability to think for yourself, the skills to communicate effectively, and the capacity for lifelong learning. The career trajectory for a Liberal Arts: SSH major depends heavily on the choices a student makes upon transferring to a 4-year degree. Students can move into almost any field with a liberal arts degree (extra courses at a 4-year institution might be required if a student is entering into a lab science or medical program). The majority of careers for this major require at least a Bachelor’s Degree. The degree is well-suited for students who plan to attend graduate or professional school.

Transfer Possibilities

  • John Jay – BA in Anthropology
  • School of Labor Studies – BA in Urban & Community Studies
  • Baruch – BA in Liberal Arts
  • City College – BA in Interdisciplinary Liberal Arts and Sciences
  • Medgar Evers – BA in Liberal Studies
  • CUNY School of Professional Studies – BA in Liberal Studies


Note: The general Liberal Arts degree is suitable for transfer into any Liberal Arts or Humanities field at a senior college

Degree Requirements

A. REQUIRED CORE: 12 Credits

English: 6 credits

  • ENG101/ENA101 English Composition I – 3 credits (depending on placement)
  • ENG102 Writing through Literature – 3 credits

Mathematical and Quantitative Reasoning: 3 credits*

Life & Physical Sciences: 3 credits*

B. FLEXIBLE CORE: 18 Credits 18
Select one course from each of the five flexible core categories

  • World Cultures and Global Issues
  • US Experience in its Diversity
  • Creative Expression
  • Individual and Society
  • Scientific World


Students are required to select one Urban Study course to complete college requirement. To complete the degree requirements from the Flexible Core, students are advised to select courses from the recommended course selections listed on the program website. Note: Students can select only two courses from any one discipline.

Course Credits
Liberal Arts: 12 Credits
LIF101 First Year Seminar for Liberal Arts Social Science and Humanities 3
ENG103 The Research Paper 3
LIB200 Humanism, Science and Technology [capstone] 3
ELL101 Introduction to Language 3
Education and Language Acquisition: 3 Credits
Modern Language or Literature elective 1,2 3
English Department: 3 Credits
Literature elective 1,2 3
Humanities Department: 3 Credits
Philosophy elective 1,2 3
Humanities elective 1,2 3
Social Science Department:: 3 Credits
Anthropology, Sociology, Psychology, Political Science or Economics elective 1,2 3
History elective 1,2 3
Liberal Arts: 0-18 Credits
Liberal Arts electives 2,3 0-18

See Liberal Arts program website for approved courses in each category.

1 – Courses taken in the Pathways Flexible core which are also in the approved list for this category can be used to satisfy this requirement
2 – A list of approved Liberal Arts electives can be found on the program page in the catalog
3 – The number of electives you can choose depends on how many of your Pathways flexible core courses also satisfy program core requirements

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