Pre-College and High School Equivalency

Preparing you to earn your high school equivalency diploma, getting you into college and putting you on the path to a vibrant career and brighter future is what LaGuardia Community College does for thousands of students each year. Whether you need to work on basic skills or want support as you transition into college studies, our wide variety of programs meet you at the level you’re at and help you reach your educational goals.

Our pioneering programs are making an impact regionally and nationally, and have become models for other institutes disseminated through educator training across the country.

Adult Basic Skills

Improve your earning potential by getting a high school equivalency diploma. Study in a supportive learning environment.

College Modern Languages

Learn a new language! Continuing Education at LaGuardia offers college level Modern Language courses on a non-credit basis. Choose from Spanish, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Arabic and more. Elementary and some advanced level courses are available. Register now for an upcoming course!

CUNY Start

Start out strong in your college career and reduce the amount of time spent in required remedial classes.

CUNY Fatherhood Academy

If you are a father between the ages of 18 and 30, unemployed or underemployed, we can help you create a brighter future for you and your family.