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This major will familiarize students with the language of business, and will draw on their enthusiasm for dealing with numbers and logic to identify, record, and communicate economic activities for a company. This major is appropriate for students with a desire to enter the accounting profession but can also lead to opportunities in finance and management.

Are You Interested In...

  • Accounting, business, finances, taxes, and the economy?
  • Analyzing and learning about investments and the stock market?
  • Working with numbers?
  • Playing strategic games and puzzles?

Skills You Will Learn

  • Balancing a company’s accounting records (recording, updating, and analyzing the journal and ledger)
  • Preparing and analyzing financial statements and reports
  • Analyzing information relating to payroll taxes
  • Professionalism and integrity

What makes this major unique?

This major will require you to advance along the Accounting course sequence to build stronger skills in accounting. The core of financial accounting is seeing balance in a company’s financial statements and investments. An Accountant also needs to understand operations to ensure the numbers are attainable, realistic, and competitive.

Career Possibilities

Accounting skills are needed in a variety of industries and settings, both in the public and private sector.

Transfer Possibilities

  • John Jay College – BS in Fraud Examination & Financial Forensics
  • BA/BS/BBA in Accounting
  • BA/BS/BBA in Finance

Degree Requirements

REQUIRED CORE: 12 credits

English: 6 credits

  • ENG101 English Composition I (3)
    (ENA101 depending on placement scores)
  • ENG102 Writing through Literature (3)


Mathematical and Quantitative Reasoning: 3 credits
Select one course from the following:

  • MAT107 Mathematics and the Modern World
  • MAT123 – Modern Problem Solving (Depending on Placement Scores)
  • MAT115 College Algebra and Trigonometry (MAT117 Algebra and Trigonometry depending on placement scores)
  • MAT120 Elementary Statistics (MAT119 Statistics with Elementary Algebra depending on placement scores)


Life and Physical Sciences: 3 credits
Select one of the following:

  • SCB101 Topics in Biological Sciences
  • SCB206 Introduction to Neuroscience
  • SCC101 Topics in Chemistry
  • SCC102 Chemistry of Photography
  • SCP101 Topics in Physics
  • SCP105 Life in the Universe
  • SCP140 Topics in Astronomy

Business and Technology: 28 credits

Courses Credits
BTF101 First Year Seminar for Business 2
BTA111 Principles of Accounting I 3
BTA112 Principles of Accounting II 3
BTA201 Intermediate Accounting I 3
BTA202 Intermediate Accounting II 3
BTC200 Introduction to Information Systems 3
BTM101 Introduction to Business 3
BTM110 Business Law I 3
BTM106 Business Communication 3
Unrestricted Elective 2
Select one of the following 2
BTI201 Business Internship
BTM105 Financial Planning & Individual Investing

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