Academic Calendar

Download the Academic Calendar (2022-2023)

Download the Academic Calendar (2023-2024)

LaGuardia’s academic calendar consists of two enhanced 18-week semesters. Each semester is split into a 12-week session (Fall I and Spring I) and a 6-week session (Fall II and Spring II). Classes are longer and/or meet more frequently in Fall II and Spring II, since students have to complete Session I coursework in half the time.

This structure provides students with the option of earning more credits per semester than a traditional academic calendar. It also allows greater flexibility and choice in designing a program of study.

*LaGuardia classes meet on different schedules in online and in-person modalities. Please check your CUNYfirst or MyLaGuardia for your particular course meeting schedule and modality.

**Variance applies to Saturday classes only – Final Exams for Saturday classes will be scheduled on Saturday, Feb. 26 – Grades are due on Monday, Feb. 27 for Saturday classes

Fall 2023 – Sessions I, II, 3W1 & 3W2 registration begins on April 24, 2023

Spring 2024 – Sessions I, II, 3W1 & 3W2 registration begins on November 1, 2023

Explanation of Terms

Withdrawal Drop – A “WD” grade is assigned to students who drop a course after the Financial Aid Certification Day in Session I until the lastday to drop a course for 25% Tuition Refund. A “WD” grade indicates that the student attended a class at least once before dropping it. A“WD” grade does not appear on the transcript and is not calculated into the GPA.

Withdraw – Students may withdraw from classes after the last day to drop for 25% tuition refund through the last day to Withdraw; receive a “W” grade that is not calculated into the GPA. Students whoofficially withdraw from a course are NOT eligible for a tuition refund.

Evening Classes begin at 4:35pm. To learn if the College is closed due to severe weather register for CUNYAlert.

Calendar updated March 10, 2023