Peer Programs

What are the Peer Programs?

LaGuardia’s peer programs can help you adjust to college life, teach you about opportunities, and motivate you to seek resources that can contribute to your success. The Peer Programs focus on four areas: mentoring, tutoring, health education, and academic support and leadership. They are an essential part of the culture of caring at LaGuardia.

Why should I talk to a Peer?

Peers are like you! They are LaGuardia students who know the campus, the professors, and the classes. They can relate to your experience and help guide you toward achieving your goals. Peers are always in the know about services and resources and can assist you in times of need.

Peer Advisors

  • Peer Advisor Academy
    Peer Advisors work with students to understand their program curricula, share knowledge and resources to assist fellow students in navigating the College, and assist Advising Team faculty and staff.
  • Student Success Mentors (SSM)
    SSMs will assist first-year students in adjusting to college and getting to know the campus and resources.
  • Student Technology Mentors (STM)
    STMs work closely with LaGuardia faculty to develop and maintain technology-based teaching resources and help students utilize those resources as effective learning tools.
  • Crear Futuros Mentors
    With a focus on empowering the Latino community, Crear Futuros Mentors provide first-years with academic, professional, leadership, and community-building opportunities.
  • Black Male Empowerment Cooperative (BMEC) Mentor
    BMEC mentors engage and empower students to become active participants in their education, offering academic tutoring, personal guidance, and networking opportunities.