Computer Technology, AAS

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This major offers courses in analog and digital electronics, circuit analysis, microcontroller, programming, hardware interconnection, and computer architecture. The variety of courses foster immediate technical skills and theoretical foundations for working in the growing field of computer engineering technology.

Are You Interested In...

  • Mathematics and applying it to solve real world problems?
  • Computer hardware or robots?
  • Electric and digital circuits?
  • Working with machines and repairing them?

Skills You Will Learn

  • Programming languages (C++, Python, Assembly)
  • Digital and Electrical circuits
  • Computer repair and troubleshooting

What makes this major unique?

Students in this major specialize in engineering technology and learn how to build, maintain and repair computer hardware (physical computerized machines). Topics of hardware interfacing and robotic control with software programs are included.

Career Possibilities

This major teaches students to understand computer system architecture and to work in areas where computer electronics are deployed, controlled, and maintained. In 2019, the mean wage was $50k+ for Associate degree, and $70k+ for Bachelor degree, among 54k jobholders in this field in the NY-Newark-Jersey City metropolitan area.

Transfer Possibilities

  • City Tech – BTech in Computer Engineering Technology
  • BS in Computer Science
  • BS in Computer Information Systems
  • BS in Information Technology
  • BS in Computer Engineering

Degree Requirements

A. REQUIRED CORE: 12 credits

English: 6 credits

  • ENG101 English Composition I – 3
  • (or ENA101 depending on placement scores)
  • ENG102 Writing through Literature – 3

Mathematical and Quantitative Reasoning: 3 credits

  • MAT115 College Algebra and Trigonometry – 3
  • MAT117 Algebra and Trigonometry (depending on placement scores)

Life and Physical Sciences: 3 credits

  • Select one course from the following: 3
  • SCB101 Topics in Biological Sciences
  • SCB206 Introduction to Neuroscience
  • SCC101 Topics in Chemistry
  • SCC102 Chemistry of Photography
  • SCP101 Topics in Physics
  • SCP105 Life in the Universe
  • SCP140 Topics in Astronomy

B. FLEXIBLE CORE: 9 credits

Select one course from three of the five flexible core categories

  • World Cultures and Global Issues
  • US Experience in its Diversity
  • Creative Expression
  • Individual and Society
  • Scientific World

Students can select only one course from any one discipline. Students are advised to select one Urban Study course to complete the college requirement. To complete the degree requirements from the Flexible Core, students are advised to select courses from the recommended course selections listed on the program website.

Courses Credits
Math, Engineering and Computer Science
CSF101 First Year Seminar for Computer Science 2
MAT200 Pre-Calculus 4
MAC241 Computer Electronics I 4
MAC242 Computer Electronics II 3
MAC265 Computer Hardware Interfacing and Programming 3
MAC289 Computer Technology Project Lab 2
MAC291 Computer Logic, Design and Implementation I 4
MAC292 Computer Logic, Design and Implementation II 4
MAC293 Computer Repair and Network Maintenance 4
MAC295 Computer Architecture 4
Business & Technology
BTM101 Introduction to Business 3
Unrestricted Electives 2

*Students are encouraged to take Introduction to Programming with Python (MAC108) to fulfill their unrestricted elective requirement.

Graduate in Two Years!

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