• Adult Learner

    Have you considered going to college, changing your career or taking classes for personal enrichment? You don’t have to put your dreams on hold. Whatever time of your life you have chosen to earn your degree, coming to LaGuardia Community College to start or continue your education is a step in the right direction.

    You will find many other “adult learners” here—from those looking to enhance their skills to stay competitive or those who just want to do something different. We serve a diverse student body—31% of our credit students are age 25 and above, so you can count on us to work with your demanding schedule and responsibilities.

    We welcome you to the next chapter of your life. Write your own future at LaGuardia!

  • Get Support

    LaGuardia makes going back to school easier by offering a number of support services and resources unique to the needs of our adult learners to help you make the most of your educational opportunities and achieve academic success.

    Remember, we are here to guide, assist, and support you from start to finish.

    Contact the Office of Admissions for assistance.

  • Going Back to College Tips

    If you’ve been in college before, make sure you tie up any loose ends.
    For example, if you owe a college money, failed some of your classes, or defaulted on a federal student loan, you may have to resolve these issues before you can proceed.

    Don’t wait until the last minute.
    The college planning process is full of deadlines, many of which are tied to scholarships and financial aid.

    Prep your schedule.
    As an adult learner, you have plenty of things going on in your life. Begin adapting your schedule now to ease your transition as classes begin.

    Ask for help.
    Talk to professors and faculty about assignments and coursework, especially if you have questions or don’t understand. Seek out resources to help improve study habits or test taking. You can also get quick easy answers to general questions about the college online, Ask LaGuardia.