Therapeutic Recreation, AS

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Therapeutic Recreation (TR), also known as Recreational Therapy (RT), is an occupation that utilizes recreation, leisure, play, and other activity-based interventions (techniques/programs) to address the needs of individuals with illnesses and/or disabling conditions, as a means to stimulate and improve psychological and physical health, recovery, and well-being.

Are You Interested In...

  • Helping others?
  • Exercise & Fitness?
  • Outdoor Activities?
  • Expressive Arts & Crafts?
  • Music Therapy?

Skills You Will Learn

  • Public speaking skills
  • Dynamics of group leadership
  • How to lead recreation programs
  • How to customize treatment plans for patients

What makes this major unique?

This is a non-candidacy program with a clinical component requiring a 60-hour internship in a long-term care setting. Recreational Therapy (RT) has some overlap with Occupational Therapy (OT) as both are listed as a “Rehabilitation Therapy Service” in healthcare settings. RT focuses on individualized interventions to enhance physical, cognitive, social, and emotional well-being through recreation and leisure activities.

Career Possibilities

Upon graduation, students can enter the field seeking positions as a Recreation Assistant, Recreation Leader, or Activity Leader. More advanced positions in the field, including a Certified Therapeutic Recreation Specialist, require a Bachelor’s degree or higher.

  • Therapeutic Recreation Assistant
  • Recreation Leader
  • Counselor
  • Activities Leader
  • Certified Therapeutic Recreation Specialist/Therapist
  • Certified Dementia Practitioner
  • Travel planner
  • Therapeutic Recreation Director
  • Recreation Supervisor or Director
  • Parks & Recreation Supervisor
  • Resort Activity Director
  • Facility Manager
  • Armed Forces Recreation

Transfer Possibilities

  • Lehman College – BS in Therapeutic Recreation or Recreation Education
  • Utica University – BS in Therapeutic Recreation
  • SUNY Cortland – BS in Therapeutic Recreation

Degree Requirements

A. REQUIRED CORE: 13 credits

English: 6 credits

  • ENG101 English Composition I – 3
    (or ENA101 depending on placement)
  • ENG102 Writing through Literature – 3

Mathematical and Quantitative Reasoning: 3 credits

  • MAT119 Statistics with Elementary Algebra
    (depending on placement)
  • MAT120 Elementary Statistics

Life & Physical Sciences: 4 credits

  • SCB203 Human Anatomy & Physiology – 4

B. FLEXIBLE CORE: 19 Credits
Select one course from each of the five flexible core categories AND one additional course from any flexible core category.

  • World Cultures and Global Issues
  • US Experience in its Diversity
  • Creative Expression
  • Individual and Society
  • Scientific World


Note: To complete the degree requirements from the flexible core, students are required to take SCB204 (Scientific World) and SSY240 (Individual and Society).

Courses Credits
Health Sciences
HSF090 First Year Seminar for Health Sciences 0
SCN195 Community Health 2
HUP102 Critical Thinking 3
Social Science
SSY101 General Psychology 3
SSY230 Abnormal Psychology 3
SSY241 Developmental Psychology II 3
Therapeutic Recreation
HTR100 Introduction to Recreation & Leisure 3
HTR101 Introduction to Therapeutic Recreation 3
HTR102 Professional Issues in Therapeutic Recreation 3
HTR200 Therapeutic Recreation in Long Term Care 3
HTR201 Therapeutic Recreation Clinical Fieldwork 2

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