Academic Help/Tutoring

Tutoring Services

LaGuardia Community College offers many resources to meet your academic needs. Whether you are seeking academic help from a professor or fellow student, you have options to choose from: Academic ESL Lab

  • Available for students taking ESA 099, ESC 099, ESL 097, ESL 098, ESL 099, ESR 097, ESR 098 and ESR 099 classes
  • Location: B-233

Academic Peer Instruction

  • API offers group tutoring in multiple subjects, including Mathematics and Engineering, Business, Biology/Anatomy and Physiology, Chemistry and Physics, Nursing, and Computer Science.
  • Location: E-115Q

Accounting Lab

  • Walk-in one-on-one tutoring for any student enrolled in an Accounting class. The Lab schedule is posted in B-327.
  • Location: B-320

Anatomy & Physiology Lab

  • Group tutoring available for SCB 203 & 204
  • Location: E-312

ASAP Resource Center

  • Tutoring only available to ASAP students
  • Location: B-208

Math Tutoring Center

  • Walk-in tutoring offered to all current LaGuardia students
  • Location: MB-44

Modern Language Lab

  • Walk-in Individual and small group tutoring for students enrolled in language courses
  • Location: B-206 & B-207

Reading Lab

  • Walk-in small group tutoring for all students
  • Location: E-114

Science Study Center

  • One-on-one tutoring offered to all current students in SCP, SCC and SCB courses
  • Location: E-342

Speech Center

  • Students can only walk in during open lab which vary from a day to day basis
  • Location: C-216

Student Government Association Tutoring Lab

  • One-on-one tutoring offered to all current LaGuardia students
  • Location: M-165

Writing Center

  • One-on-one Tutoring offered by appointment through MyLaGuardia
  • Location: B-200

Assistance with Technological Tools

Technology Support for Students

  • Get support with ePortfolio and any other technology tool they may use including Microsoft Office, Blackboard
  • Location: B-121 & B-127

ePortfolio Office

  • Available to all students to get support with ePortfolio & Digication technical difficulties
  • Location: MB57

First-Year Seminar Lab

  • Walk-in help available to all students enrolled in First-Year Seminar & Capstone courses to get assistance with ePortfolios
  • Location: C-447