Student Rights and Responsibilities

Each student enrolled or in attendance in any college, school or unit under the control of the New York State Board of Higher Education and every student organization, association, publication, club or chapter shall obey (1) the laws of the city, state and nation; (2) the bylaws and resolutions of the board, including the rules and regulations for the maintenance of public order pursuant to article 129-a of the education law (“Henderson rules”); and (3) the governance plan, policies, regulations, and orders of the college.  

LaGuardia Community College adheres to the Bylaws of the City University of New York and policies set forth by the New York State Board of Higher Education. Thus, the college’s community standards facilitate an environment conducive to learning and academic achievement. The central themes are Courtesy, Respect, Honesty, Integrity, and Safety.

If a student fails to comply with the college’s community standards or policies governing student conduct, the matter is investigated and assessed via the disciplinary and/or academic integrity process(es). These processes provide students with due process, and valuable instruction relative to the college’s behavioral standards. Violations are referred to the Office of the Vice President for Student Affairs (VPSA). The VPSA or their designee works in concert with the appropriate campus unit(s), and determines the resolution process based on the nature of the violation. Serious violations will require a hearing before the Faculty Student Disciplinary Committee (FSDC). Decisions rendered by the FSDC can range from dismissal of charges to expulsion from the College. 

However, the ultimate goal in addressing community standards violations is to educate students while providing them with the knowledge and resources that contribute to their success.

For all student rules of conduct and disciplinary procedures, please refer to the Student Handbook.