Policies and Governance Information for Students

LaGuardia Community College upholds high standards of institutional integrity that reflect our membership in the City University of New York system, our values, and our mission.

Honesty, fairness, and equality form the foundation for all of our policies, rules, and governing bodies.

Academic dishonesty is prohibited at The City University of New York. Penalties for academic dishonesty include academic sanctions, such as failing or otherwise reduced grades, and/or disciplinary sanctions, including suspension or expulsion.

CUNY Policy on Academic Integrity
Academic Integrity Complaint Form

There are times when circumstances in life affect your academic progress. Perhaps there have been changes in health for you or a family member or a change in a work schedule, or other events that have directly impacted on your attendance or grades. When those situations arise, the Academic Appeals Process is in place for you. It gives you the chance to request that an exception be made to an academic policy or procedure at LaGuardia.

Instructions and the Academic Appeals Form.

The Committee on Academic Standing is a Standing Committee of the LaGuardia Community College Senate. The committee recommends regulations and policies to the Senate concerning academic standing, matriculation processes, degree requirements, and grading systems. The Academic Standing Committee serves as the coordinating committee for all academic appeals.

Academic Standing Committee

LaGuardia Community College’s Office of Compliance and Diversity is an integral department in the Office of the President. LaGuardia Community College and the City University of New York are committed through policy and practice to recruit, employ, retain, promote, and provide benefits to employees and to admit and provide services for students without discriminating on the basis of actual or perceived race, color, creed, national origin, ethnicity, ancestry, religion, age, sex, sexual orientation, gender, gender identity, marital status, partnership status, disability, genetic information, alienage, citizenship, military or veteran status, pregnancy, status as a victim of domestic violence/stalking/sex offenses, unemployment status, credit history, caregiver or familial status, prior record of arrest or conviction, or any other legally prohibited basis in accordance with federal, state and city laws. We believe in a policy of non-discrimination, and as an educational institution, maintaining best practices and relevant programs to assure compliance with federal, state, and city laws as well as University guidelines.

Office for Compliance and Diversity

The first comprehensive governance plan for Fiorello H. LaGuardia Community College was created in 1978 with the goal of translating into a practical form the ideals and mission of the college, built around a core belief in making the best of higher education and professional opportunity available to all those who seek them.

The principles embodied in the governance plan are: governance of the College is participatory, shared among the faculty, the staff, the alumni, the students, and the administration; the governance body provides an arena for the voices of elected representatives of all constituencies to be heard; the leadership of the governance body is elected by its members.

College Senate

Directory information may be made available to parties deemed to have a legitimate interest in the information. If you do not wish to have any or all directory information disclosed without your prior consent, please complete the Directory Information Non-Disclosure Form.

Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) is a federal law that protects the privacy of student’s educational records.

Learn more about FERPA
CUNY FERPA release forms

The decision to cancel operations or classes is made in consultation with CUNY, taking into account whether a State of Emergency has been declared by the Mayor and whether the Department of Education has closed the City’s public schools.

Check LaGuardia’s Weather Information page and sign up for CUNY Alert to receive notice of emergencies and weather-related closing on your office, cell, or home phones and email.

The Student Technology Fee was established at LaGuardia Community College in 2002; pursuant to the February 25, 2002 C.U.N.Y board resolution 4(a). This resolution approved the establishment of a technology fee which consists of $100 per semester for full-time students, and $50 per semester for part-time students. The college will seek to improve computer services for students and faculty with the revenue from this fee. In exceptional cases of financial hardship, the college may waive the technology fee for individual students.