The Student Technology Mentors

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For more information about the STM program, please contact:

Pablo Avila

Program Director
Room M-403A

Ali Abdallah

Program Coordinator
Room MB-57

Rohit Kumar Jha
Coordinator for Digital Platforms and Support
Room M-417B


The Student Technology Mentors (STM) program, under the Center for Teaching and Learning (CTL), assists students and faculty in exploring the use of digital media in the classroom. STMs work closely with LaGuardia faculty, helping them design, create, utilize and maintain technology-enriched teaching resources.

STMs represent LaGuardia’s diverse student body and provide valuable first-time work experience. The STM program eases them into the professional world, offering new perspectives on learning and teaching, while serving as an entry point to rewarding careers. Our culturally diverse STMs come from various countries like: Afghanistan, Burma, Bangladesh, China, Colombia, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, Egypt, France, Georgia, India, Indonesia, Ireland, Japan, Malaysia, Mexico, Morocco, Nepal, Pakistan, Peru, Philippines, Poland, Puerto Rico, Russia, Spain, Sri Lanka, South Korea, Sweden, Turkey, USA, Yemen, Zambia, and many other countries.

For tech assistance (ePortfolio, Dropbox, Zoom, Blackboard Microsoft Office, etc.), students can email the STM team at for support.

Faculty Request

Mentors provide assistance to students, faculty and staff in the use of various technology tools for research, web development and document production. To request STM assistance, click on the link below.

When requesting the assistance of an STM, please adhere to the following guidelines:

  • Clearly define the STM’s role, tasks, and objectives for the project, including specified deadlines. Be explicit about the STM’s responsibilities.
  • Faculty is responsible for assigning work to the STM for the time the student is scheduled to work with faculty.
  • If the faculty member requires additional time with the STM to work on the project, they must request it.
  • If a faculty member is unable to meet with the STM as scheduled, please notify the STM program in advance to reschedule the request.
  • STMs are not permitted to supervise a class for a teacher; the teacher must be present in the room with the students during class and/or lab periods.

What do STMs do?

Assist faculty in designing, creating and maintaining technology-enhanced tools and resources for classrooms, such as:

  • PowerPoint presentations
  • Creating web pages with Dreamweaver
  • Managing courses in Blackboard and WordPress
  • Creating documents
  • Incorporating images and sound into learning resources
  • Assist in the development of ePortfolios
  • Develop multimedia projects
  • Assist with library database and Internet searches
  • Mentors assist in the ePortfolio studio, helping students to develop their ePortfolios
  • Assist ePortfolio consultants and SSMs during FYS studio hours and workshops
  • Use available resources to get help in solving technology-related problems/questions (e.g. textbooks, help menus, tutorials, Internet, other STMs, technology experts, instructors and CTL staff)
  • Create learning tutorials as needed
  • Troubleshoot application issues and Internet search problems
  • Provide one-on-one training to faculty and students in various technology tools
  • Develop new knowledge and skills using technology
  • Assist professors with technology-related surveys
  • Mentor faculty and students through providing technology-based information
  • Make suggestions when appropriate

What do IDAs do?

  • Assist faculty and students with developing multimedia projects.
  • Conduct advanced training workshops for STMs and other IDAs.
  • Provide classroom instructional assistance and tutorials.
  • Assist ePortfolio team, students and faculty with ePortfolio development.
  • Supervise the ePortfolio Studio Lab, Room B-121, and provide assistance to faculty and students.
  • Supervise and provide guidance to STMs in ePortfolio Studio and sign the STM sign-in sheets.
  • Provide one-on-one consultation in the use of instructional technologies and web page design.
  • Assist faculty and students with the design and development of web pages.
  • Assist in professional development workshops.

Meet Our Team

Crystal Chen

Computer Information Systems
Baruch College

Chandra Jha

Business Administration
LaGuardia Community College

Darpan Bashyal

Mechanical Engineering
LaGuardia Community College

Ei Phyu

Computer Science
LaGuardia Community College

Iris Perozo

Mechanical Engineering
LaGuardia Community College

Jangbu Sherpa

Business Administration
LaGuardia Community College

Minar Ahmad

Computer Science
LaGuardia Community College

Lin Htet Aung

Programming and Software Development
LaGuardia Community College

Sinem Kilicdere

Programming and Software Development
LaGuardia Community College

Phyo Phyo (Franco)

Network Administration and Information Security
LaGuardia Community College

Nadira Akter

Business Administration
LaGuardia Community College

Soumshree Roy Puja
LaGuardia Community College