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Transfer Services
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Navigating Your Path to Transfer Success

Welcome to your semester-by-semester guide for successful transfer to a bachelor’s degree program!

Transfer Milestones lay out the transfer process in clear stages to help you make the right choices for your academic, career, and personal growth.

In your first year, attend some transfer events and consult the CUNY Transfer Hub and HSAC Transfer Guide. Be sure to consider:

Your desired transfer and college experience, commuter or resident? Urban or rural? Big or small?

Start by looking into programs at CUNY, SUNY, and colleges across the country. As you do your research, consider what you want from a college

  • Use a transfer grid to organize information such as costs and transfer requirements.

Review what credits will transfer using the What-if Tool, CUNY Explorer, SUNY Course tables, and by consulting each transfer institution.

It’s time to narrow down your search. There is a lot to organize, so you’ll need to make sure to:

Request recommendation letters and outline personal statements.

Meet with a faculty mentor or advisor before you graduate to get advice on the next steps to take on your journey. To complete the application process:

  • Confirm you’re meeting all required deadlines.
  • Clear any holds on your account.
  • Request transcripts, including high school transcript if needed.
  • Review your personal statements and essays with the Writing Center.
  • Confirm recommendation letters before deadlines.

File FAFSA, and include all potential schools.

Graduate! Articulation agreements and academies may accelerate the graduation and transfer process.

  • Once you’ve been accepted, it’s time to decide where you want to go.
  • Review your financial aid, credit transfers, and options available that may help pay for college.

Make sure to attend any admitted student events, and make your final enrollment decision by the confirmation deadline.

Congratulations! Even as you embark on new adventures, you’ll always be part of the LaGuardia community. Don’t forget to:

Use the Center for Career and Professional Development as a resource for career support.

Unlock Your Transfer Success with LaGuardia’s Support

The journey of transferring to a four-year college or university can be complex, but we’re here to make it as seamless as possible. Our dedicated team of advisors, faculty, and counselors are committed to helping you every step of the way. Here’s how we can assist you:

  • Transfer Planning: Advisors can assist students in researching and identifying potential transfer institutions that match their academic and career aspirations. They can also help students understand admission requirements and application deadlines. 
  • Resource Navigation: Advisors can direct students to various campus and external resources, such as scholarships, financial aid opportunities, and transfer workshops, assisting in navigating the application process and offering additional resources for guidance. 
  • Recommendation Letters: Faculty members can write strong recommendation letters for students applying to four-year colleges or universities. These letters can carry significant weight in the application process, mainly highlighting a student’s academic achievements and potential.  
  • Faculty Mentorship: Faculty can serve as mentors, offering insights into their expertise, research opportunities, and career and transfer advice. This mentorship can help students make informed decisions about their academic and career paths. 
  • Research Opportunities: For students interested in research-intensive programs at their transfer institutions, faculty can provide research opportunities within their departments, helping students build valuable skills and experience. 
  • Wellness Counseling: Counselors can provide students with personal counseling services to address emotional and psychological challenges that may impact their academic performance and transfer readiness. 
  • Career Counseling: Counselors can help students explore career options, assess their skills and interests, and align their academic choices with their career goals. This can be especially helpful when students are choosing a major or field of study for transfer.

Advisors, faculty, and counselors all play a role in providing holistic transfer support to students. Advisors offer academic planning and resource guidance, faculty members contribute their academic expertise and mentorship, and counselors provide personal and career counseling. Together, they create a support network that helps students successfully navigate the transfer process.

Success Stories from LaGuardia Transfers

Engineering Enthusiast’s Triumph: “I studied engineering for 3 semesters. Honestly, I was pretty worried that my credits wouldn’t transfer with me, so I talked to my advisor, and they helped me figure out the best way to transfer those credits. I loved my classes, but I’m glad I don’t have to take them all over again!”

Overcoming Challenges and Embracing Opportunities: “Entering LaGuardia as a first-generation college student in Travel Tourism & Hospitality, the expectations were immense. Yet, through perseverance and embracing opportunities, I flourished academically and personally. My involvement in extracurriculars and the college senate enriched not just my own journey but contributed to the community. Now, as I prepare to attend NYU, I realize this is not an end but a new beginning. With the lessons learned, I’m not only ready to face the future but also to shape it.”