• Computer Classrooms

    There are 27 Computer Classrooms on campus. Each one is equipped with at least 28 computers (along with two handicap stations for people with disabilities), a projector, pull down screen, and sound system. Computer Classrooms are a great tool when classwork requires a student to have access to a computer to complete a certain task. Out of the 27 labs, seven of them are Macintosh operating system; the rest are running on a Windows operating plateform. We are currently in the process of upgrading all labs to Windows 7 and Macintosh labs to Lion operating system.

    To request an Computer Classroom please email Burhan Siddiqui, Stephen Silva, or Derwent Dawkins with your request. In the email please make sure to include your name, the name of the class (eg., ENG100.1234), and time and date when you would like to use the computer classroom.


    List of Computer Classroom by Building

  • B Building Computer Classrooms

    B101, B209, B219, B229, B300, B307, B308, B321, B326, B330, B331

  • C Building Computer Classrooms
    C207, C209, C237, C238 
  • E Building Computer Classrooms
    E106, E140, E141, E201G, E228, E230, E232, E259, E261, E273, E301, E303 

  • Smart Classrooms

    SMART Classrooms are your tool for more effective and efficient teaching. Our goal is to standardize all multimedia equipment in every classroom to allow faculty to have the same technical control and capabilities no matter where they are teaching on campus.

    This website will assist you in operating the equipment located in the SMART Classrooms. Faculty is encouraged to attend training sessions and refer to this website for instructions and updates. One-on-one training is offered almost anytime; just contact Technology Resources Training Team in advance to schedule your individualized session. It may also be helpful to refer to the How-To section below.

    LaGuardia Community College first started implementing Smart Classrooms on Campus back in 2003 with just 10 rooms available with the basic smart room ready setup. Eight years later LaGuardia Community College is one of the few community colleges in the City University System that has all its classrooms equipped with Smart Room Technology. Each room has a Dell PC, a Set of speakers mounted on the wall, a projector, and a pull down screen. Keeping smart Classrooms up-to-date is an ongoing project. At the end of each session Technology Resources upgrades all 232 Smart Classrooms' software in conjunction with Network Administration, and through LaGuardia's commitment to maintain 100% SmartRoom-ready capabilities, new facilities are mandated to include this technology from onset.

    All classrooms are assigned to each course by the Registrar's Office. Technology Resources facilitates troubleshooting software and hardware malfunctions in all classrooms. For Log On Information please Click Here.

    List of Smart Rooms by Building:

    Click Here to view a list of available Smart Rooms.

  •  B-Building Smart Classrooms
    BA01, BA04, BA05, BA07, BA10, BA11, BA13, BA14, BA17, B116, B120, B126, B128, B129, B130, B220, B229, B301, B302, B306, B318, B319, B322
  •  C-Building Smart Classrooms
    C103, C115, C103, C115, C117, C119, C128, C130, C132, C218, C222, C228, C229, C234, C236, C240, C241, C243, C236, C240, C241, C243, C245. C246, C251, C253, C254, C262, C263, C265, C268, C409, C410, C411, C412, C413, C414, C415, C422, C425, C426, C427, C431A, C431B, C431C, C431D, C438, C440, C443, C444, C446, C448, C450       
  •  E-Building Smart Classrooms
    E104, E107, E121, E129, E135, E144, E145, E146, E147, E150, E205, E213, E216, E221, E222, E225, E227, E228, E229, E230, E232, E234, E250, E251, E252, E258, E260, E262, E264, E265, E266, E336, E338, E340, E341, E400, E401, E502       
  • M-Building Smart Classrooms 
    MB08F, MB08G, MB58, MB62, MB64, MB65, MB68, MB69, MB70, MB77, M104, M106, M107, M108, M110, M135, M136, M137, M138, M151, M152, M155, M156, M157, M158, M161, M309, M312, M317       

  • E503 - Multimedia Center

    Welcome to E503, your cutting edge campus multimedia center.

    The state of the art video and audio technology available in E503 makes it LaGuardia Community College’s one-stop shop multipurpose media room

    The room can be scheduled by simply contacting and providing us with the times in need, from there based on availability, the room will be booked for your usage. The room can be used for multiple purposes and seats anywhere from 15 to 20 users. All are welcome to visit beforehand and view the room setup. This time can also be taken to address any questions you may have.

    The Media Lab can be utilized for the following purposes and much more:

    Workshop session – Conduct a workshop for your fellow faculty/staff or students.

    Skype Interviews – Be able to use Skype or Skype for business in a professional setting with the aid of our staff we take away the stress and let you focus more on the interview and less on the technical side.

    Standard Interviews – Face to face with single individuals or committee interview sessions

    Web Meetings / WebEx Sessions – Join or host a webcasting session

    Conferencing – Phone in directly to hosted dial in meetings.

    Brain Storming – A quiet place to have a team gathering to think over new ideas and possibilities.

    SmartBoard Capability– the ability to control on screen functions right from a triumph board.

    Meetings – If face to face meetings are still your preferred style, feel free to set up an appointment in our state of the art room. Fully equipped with adequate seating and tables you will be ready to conduct business and interact in no time.


    (Please view video tutorial links posted below)

    *Video Recording – Produce high quality videos quickly and efficiently.

    *Audio Recording – Effortlessly record audio files

    *iMovie - Mac based users can utilize our available tutorials to learn the ropes of creating self-made movies and then use the knowledge to produce videos via e503 equipment for classroom as well as business purposes. https://goo.gl/fA9crb

    *Moviemaker - PC based users can utilize our available tutorial to learn the ropes of creating self-made movies and then use the knowledge to produce videos via e503 for classroom or as well as business purposes. https://goo.gl/9IXtKj
    So stop on by and take advantage of what the E503 has to offer, we are looking forward to hearing from you. Please Contact: mcutajar@lagcc.cuny.edu for bookings and further details.

    College wide available software

    Adobe Creative Cloud (2 concurrent login anywhere) MatLab (anywhere) Office 365 (5 devices anywhere)
    Microsoft Office Professional Plus (2013, 2016) Mathematica (anywhere) MatLab (anywhere)
    Office 365 ProPlus (15 devices anywhere) Maple Mathematica (anywhere)
    SPSS ArcGIS Available by CUNY Virtual Desktop: SPSS, SAS, Mathematica and Maple (anywhere)
    SAS  ChemOffice

    Faculty/Staff Support provided by B127
    Blackboard College wide licensed software installation/distribution
    Web Attendance CUNY Virtual Desktop


    VDI (CUNY Virtual Desktop)

    The CUNY Virtual Desktop lets you access software remotely. Current applications available include SPSS, SAS, Matlab,Mathematica and Maplesoft. No longer are you restricted by the hours and availability of you campus labs. The CUNY Virtual Desktop gives you access anytime and anywhere to costly applications you may need for your classes.

    Currently the CUNY Virtual Desktop is available to students and faculty at all CUNY schools that are on CUNYfirst. Up to 3000 students can use the CUNY Virtual Desktop at the same time. Additional schools, software and services will became available through the CUNY Virtual Desktop in the future.

    To Use The CUNY Virtual Desktop:

    1. Install it onto your computer, tablet or smartphone.
    2. Access your applications by clicking on one of the icons above.
    3. Log in using your CUNYfirst ID followed by @login.cuny.edu, and your CUNYfirst password.
    4. Save your data to a flash drive or local drive. Be sure to save your data before exiting the CUNY Virtual Desktop or your work will be lost. Print to any printer connected to your local device.
    5. For additional help, please see the  FAQ’susage instructions, or call your local campus service desk.

      For additional information, visit the CUNY Virtual Desktop homepage.