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Education and Language Acquisition is a multidisciplinary liberal arts department that houses programs in Teacher Education, Modern Languages and Literatures, and Academic ESL. The department takes the College’s goal of internationalizing the curriculum very seriously. The lively exchange of ideas in the areas of theory and pedagogy among the language, literature, and education faculty has allowed for the creation of enriched educational experiences for students, which recognize their inherent strengths and heritages and prepares them for success in an increasingly culturally and linguistically diverse world.

The department offers courses in educational theory and practice, several world languages and national literatures, urban studies, linguistics and English as a second language. The department also sponsors degree programs in Education, TESOL/Linguistics, Deaf Studies, International Studies, Latin American Studies, Spanish-English Translation, and Japanese.

Degrees & Programs

Education: Childhood Track, AA  

The Childhood Education curriculum prepares students to work with children from first to sixth grade. The Education: Childhood Education Degree has a transfer agreement with the Department of Elementary and Early Childhood Education at Queens College, CUNY.

Education: Early Childhood Track, AA

The Early Childhood Education curriculum prepares students to work with children from birth to second grade. The Education: Early Childhood Education Degree has a transfer agreement with the Department of Early Childhood Education at Brooklyn College, CUNY.

Education Associate: Bilingual Child, AA

The Education Associate: Bilingual Child Program is designed for students interested in pursuing teaching as a career with a focus on second language learners. The program is coordinated by the Education and Language Acquisition Department and awards the Associate in Arts degree.

Education: Secondary, AA

The Secondary Education curriculum prepares students to work with adolescents from seventh to twelfth grade in a public school setting. Students in this option must select from one of the following concentrations or content areas: Adolescent English Education, Adolescent Mathematics Education, Adolescent Science Education, Adolescent Social Science Education, or Adolescent Spanish Education. The Education: Secondary Education Degree has a transfer agreement with the Department of Secondary Education and Youth Services at Queens College, CUNY.

Deaf Studies Option, AA 

Deaf Studies Option enables students to learn American Sign Language (ASL), and to understand the complexities of deaf communities. Students receive a broad liberal arts background for further study in ASL/English interpreting, special education, social work, rehabilitation counseling and related fields.

International Studies Option, AA

International Studies Option is an inter-disciplinary program that draws on the best resources of LaGuardia to prepare students to become better-informed world citizens and to develop the competencies needed to survive and succeed in the new global economy.

Japanese Option, AA

Japanese Option (AA degree) enables students to learn the Japanese language and other related disciplines such as Japanese literature, the art of Asia, East Asian history, religions in Asia, and social psychology in Asia.

Latin American Studies Option, AA

The goals of the Latin American Studies program are to strengthen knowledge of Latin American/Latin culture for students wishing to seek careers related to Latin American literature, history, arts, music, film, theater in New York and other national or international centers of Latin American culture, in the United States or at the global level.

Spanish-English Translation 

The Spanish-English Translation major, housed in the Department of Education and Language Acquisition, is fully articulated with Hunter College. Students can earn an Associate of Arts degree from LaGuardia Community College and continue working toward a Bachelor of Arts degree in Spanish-English and English-Spanish Translation at Hunter College.

TESOL/Linguistics, AA 

Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL)/ Linguistics Option provides the foundation for a career in TESOL in a diverse range of English teaching settings. The option is designed for students interested in pursuing teaching English as a New Language (also called English as a Second Language or English as a Foreign Language) in private and public-school contexts, both in the United States and abroad.

Department Contacts

Contact Office/Phone
Arthur Lau, Department Chairperson B-234
John Collins, Deaf Studies Program Director B-234XX
Michele De Goeas-Malone, Education Program Director B-234L
Paula Zimmerman, Education Program Fieldwork Coordinator B-234P
Maria Savva, International Studies Program Director B-234V
Tomonori Nagano, Japanese Option Program Director B234FF
Ana Maria Hernandez, Latin American Studies Option and Spanish
English Translation Program Director
Monika Ekiert, TESOL/Linguistics Program Director B-234V
Joseph Evering, Reading Lab Coordinator E-114C
Julio Rosario, Modern Languages Lab Coordinator C-252H
John Gunn, NYC Men Teach Program Coordinator B-234