Communication Skills and Reading Lab

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Joseph Evering
Reading Lab Coordinator

Room: E-Building, E-114C
Phone: (718) 482-5628

Communication Skills

The mission of Communication Skills courses is to help students acquire the necessary cognitive tools to read, comprehend, and retain the wide variety of college-level materials necessary to succeed in LaGuardia’s degree programs. We are committed to providing students with the background knowledge and critical reading and thinking skills necessary to become an educated person.

The focus of a CSE course is exposition though we incorporate other forms as well. Our courses prepare students for their introductory courses in the majors. Students engage with content, vocabulary, and study skills that they use to read their textbooks, to listen to class lectures, and write class assignments. Our classes consist of lively discussions, arguments, careful listening and thinking.

Credit Courses in Communication Skills Program

The Communication Skills program offers the following 3-credit Liberal Arts courses:

  • CSE110 Literacy and Propaganda (Pathways: Individual and Society)
  • CSE120 Reading the Biography (Pathways: U.S. Experience in Its Diversity)
  • CSE150 The Evolution of the Reading Experience (Pathways: World Cultures and Global Issues)

Reading Lab

Located in E-114, the Reading Lab is available to all LaGuardia students. Tutors are available to assist you in developing the necessary skills to succeed in your course, pass your exams, and find continued success in your future courses that may require reading, be it a literary reading or a textbook you need to understand for your courses among others.

The lab staff can provide support for students in three categories of courses:

  • 0 credit courses (both developmental or ESL courses),
  • 3 credit CSE elective courses (CSE 105, CSE 110, CSE 120, and CSE 150) and
  • 3 and 4 credit course for major and elective courses.

Reading Lab Offerings

  • Make Up sessions are available for students who miss a lab for CSE095, CSE099, CSE111 or ESL097. There is a one-week limit to receive credit.
  • Test taking strategies for additional support in taking the multiple choice reading exam at the end of the semester.

  • Reading Strategies and Supported Reading Workshop (SRW) for introducing and supporting various strategies students can use to have better results when they read.

  • Summary Tutoring for preparing students to demonstrate an understanding of the texts they read by writing the major points of a text in a paraphrased paragraph.

  • Vocabulary Tutoring provides students with opportunities to gain experience using vocabulary acquisition strategies in context.

  • Textbook Tutoring is a unique opportunity for students to have support while working through the course texts. Students should bring along their text book and any supplementary materials. Tutors will NOT simply explain the text. The focus will be on using reading strategies to help students become more independent learners.

  • Writing Tutoring is an opportunity for CSE students to have support when they revise their summaries or prepare other writing assignments for CSE courses only (095, 099, 105, 110, 111, 120, 150.)

For more information about tutoring availability, students should send an email explaining their request to containing their name, EMPLID and the course code.