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We are providing remote tutoring services through email, video conferences and phone calls.

Please email Flora Flores at with tutoring requests.

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The SGA Tutoring Lab, supported by the Student Government Association, is here for students who need a little extra help. There is no one-size-fits-all way to learn, and our tutors will assess and support your unique style with tailored lesson plans to help you gain a deeper understanding of the course material.

Tutoring Options

  • One-on-one sessions
  • Group tutoring
  • Study skill workshops

Fully Equipped Lab

  • Two smart study rooms for small groups
  • Eight private computer stations
  • Smartboard for presentations and lectures

Courses We Tutor

  • MAT 095: Introduction to Algebra
  • MAT 096: Elementary Algebra
  • MAT 099: Algebra
  • MAT 106: Mathematics of Medical Dosages
  • MAT 107: Mathematics and the Modern World
  • MAT 115: College Algebra and Trigonometry
  • MAT 117: Algebra and Trigonometry
  • MAT 119: Statistics and Elementary Algebra
  • MAT 120: Elementary Statistics I
  • MAT 200: Pre-Calculus
  • MAT 201: Calculus I
  • MAT 202: Calculus II
  • MAT 203: Calculus III
  • MAT 204: Elementary Differential Equations
  • MAT 210: Linear Algebra
  • MAT 212: Linear Algebra and Vector Analysis for Engineers
  • SCP 101: Topics in Physical Sciences
  • SCP105: Life in the Universe
  • SCP 140: Topics in Astronomy
  • SCP 160: Foundations for the Physical Sciences
  • SCP 201: Fundamentals of Physics I
    SCP 202:
  • Fundamentals of Physics II
  • SCP 231: General Physics I
  • SCP 232: General Physics II
  • SCC 101: Topics in Chemistry
  • SCC 105: Introduction to Chemistry
  • SCC 110: Foundations of Chemistry
  • SCC 201: General Chemistry I
  • SCC 202: General Chemistry II
  • SCC 251: Organic Chemistry I
  • SCC 252: Organic Chemistry II
  • BTA 111: Principles of Accounting I
  • BTA 112: Principles of Accounting II
  • SCB 101: Topics in Biological Sciences
  • SCB 115: Principles of Biology
  • SCB 201: Fundamentals of Biology I
  • SCB 202: Fundamentals of Biology II
  • SCB 203: Human Anatomy and Phys. I
  • SCB 204: Human Anatomy and Phys. II
  • SSE 103: Microeconomics
  • SSE 104: Macroeconomics

We tutor all English classes.

Meet the Tutors

John graduated from Hunter College with a bachelor’s degree in economics. He provides tutoring in math and statistics at the Tutoring Lab. John has worked for over four years, offering plenty of tutoring experience.

Delfino currently tutors mathematics and physics. He graduated from LaGuardia with an associate’s degree in electrical engineering and is currently enrolled at City College of New York, pursuing his bachelor’s degree in the same field. Delfino feels that the quality and time that is given to students in a one-to-one setting helps reinforce students’ understanding of the subject. As a tradeoff, it helps him as a student to reinforce his understanding of the subjects that he tutors.

Given his status as a former student who started at a remedial level in math, he feels confident that it is possible for anyone to learn mathematics.

Songsuk tutors Accounting I & II, Micro and Macroeconomics, College Algebra, Pre-Calculus, Calculus I and Fundamental of Physics. He is currently enrolled at Baruch College. His major is Actuarial Science. Prior to this, he was a business student at LaGuardia Community College. Because he used to take these classes, he knows what it takes to pass these classes. Sometimes, self-studying can be challenging and difficult. That is why he wants to help students who struggle with these subjects. He also wants to give back to the college as an alumni.

For his career goals, he is currently pursuing actuary professional designations.

Fawazah is a LaGuardia Community College student who is majoring in accounting. She tutors accounting, math and microeconomics. Besides gaining job experience, her interest in helping students understand the course material. In addition, tutoring is the type of job that allows her to expand her knowledge while getting paid for it at the same time.

Elizabeth tutors general psychology and all levels of English. She graduated from LaGuardia and is currently pursuing a bachelor’s degree in psychology at Hunter College. Her goal is to attain a career as a psychotherapist.

Elizabeth tutors at the SGA Tutoring Lab because helping students achieve academic success is an incredibly rewarding experience.

Liyun tutors SCB203, SCB 204, SCC 110, SCC 210 and several math courses (Math 115, 120, 200, 201 and 202). Liyun graduated from LaGuardia in 2017 and is now at Hunter College, majoring in math education. Liyun works as a tutor because she wants to earn more teaching experience. Also, she would like to examine how students learn knowledge outside the classroom. Her long-term goal is to become a teacher who can help students get interested in their studies.

Moreover, Liyun believes studying hard means a lot, and it does change your life.

Diego tutors math and lower levels of physics. He has a bachelor’s degree in electronics engineering (Universidad Autónoma de Occidente – Cali, Colombia) and an associate degree in liberal arts: music option (LaGuardia) and is pursuing a bachelor’s degree in music: sonic arts (City College of New York). Diego tutors because he likes to teach and help people. He was a high school teacher in his home country, and since he started at LaGuardia, he has been able to help students with their classes.

His career goal is to work in different areas of music recording.

Sandra tutors all English courses at SGA Tutoring Lab. She graduated from LaGuardia with her associate degree in the arts. She tutors because she loves to help students who are dedicated to their studies and motivated to learn.

Sandra hopes to become an English teacher in the future, helping middle school or high school students achieve their goals and express themselves through the power of writing.

Maura is a current LaGuardia student and is in the process of getting her AAS degree in nursing. She tutors A&P 203, 204. She started tutoring in September 2018, and she wants to give back for the help she received from the SGA Tutoring Lab tutors during her academic year. Also, she wants to help her peers succeed.

Jessica tutors English and writing courses. She earned her associate degree in liberal arts at LaGuardia and her bachelor’s degree in psychology at Mont Holyoke College. She tutors at the Tutoring Lab because she enjoys helping students improve and succeed.

Jessica’s goals are to earn her master’s degree and work in the field of psychology.

Sophia tutors math, chemistry and biology. She is a former LaGuardia student with an associate degree in biology. Sophia tutors at SGA Tutoring Lab because she wants to help students who are trying to make the best out of their academic careers.

Sophia hopes to continue studying biology and have a career in research.