These are the various online tools you’ll need to use while at LaGuardia. First, learn about the tools below, then see these video guides for help navigating them. You can also request help.


    Why use it: Search for classes, change your schedule, pay your bill, view your To-Do List, find academic and financial information, etc.

    When to use it: From applying through graduating.

    How to access it: cunyfirst.cuny.edu


    Why use it: Your personalized VIP page helps you complete the steps to get enrolled.

    When to use it: After admission through the first day of classes.

    How to access it: laguardia.edu/vip

    My LaGuardia

    Why use it: Near the start of your first semester, you’ll transition from VIP to My LaGuardia to contact your advisor, connect with campus offices, access other online tools like DegreeWorks and ePortfolio, view events and more.

    When to use it: After you’ve registered for classes/throughout your time at LaGuardia.

    How to access it: my.laguardia.edu

    LaGuardia Email

    Why use it: Check it often for important College updates and messages from your instructors.

    When to use it: Every day! (We’ll notify you when your account is created.)

    How to access it: Through your My LaGuardia account (under “e-Tools”). See this PDF guide or video guide for help.

    Mobile App

    Why use it: Show your digital student ID when entering campus buildings. Plus, access your class schedule, connect with campus services, get advising help and more.

    When to use it: Whenever you need it!

    How to access it: Download the app to your phone from the App Store or Google Play.

  • How to Access Online Classes

    Important: Check Blackboard and your LaGuardia email for announcements from your professors about how to access their specific classes, and see how to contact them directly.

    Be patient – sometimes this information is provided the first day of class.

    If you’re still struggling to access classes, fill out this help form.


    Why use it: It allows you to participate in online classes, access course materials and communicate with your professor/classmates. You can also meet virtually with some campus offices.

    When to use it: For online classes and student services that use Blackboard.

    How to access it: bbhosted.cuny.edu or through My LaGuardia or CUNYfirst


    Why use it: This video conferencing/webinar platform allows you to meet virtually with faculty/staff.

    When to use it: For online classes, office hours and events that use Zoom.

    How to access it: cuny.zoom.us or through My LaGuardia

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