Articulation Agreements

Articulation agreements are an agreement between two schools that allows course credit at one school to be accepted or transferred and applied toward a degree at another school.

LaGuardia Community College has several agreements in place, with various senior colleges in the City University of New York (CUNY) system as well as with private institutions, for students interested in pursuing a bachelor’s degree.

What is the value of an Articulation Agreement?

Students who fulfill all requirements gain from:

  • Assured entry to the four-year college
  • Assured transfer of LaGuardia Community College (credit-bearing) courses
  • Access to research programs and/or transfer scholarships when offered
  • Focused program of study

Who Is Eligible?

All students attending LaGuardia are eligible.

How do students take advantage of an Articulation Agreement?

  • Meet all admissions requirement(s)
  • Earn an Associate Degree (AA, AS, AAS) from LaGuardia Community College in the program named in the Articulation Agreement
  • Follow the transfer admissions process for the four-year college

Note: Students who do not meet the Articulation Agreement requirements but meet graduation requirements are able to transfer through standard transfer options.

Below is a list of Academic programs at LaGuardia, with articulation agreements, and the corresponding program(s) and transfer destinations. For more information, students are encouraged to visit their program’s website, meet with their Faculty or Academic Advisor and visit the Office of Transfer Services in Room B-215.

A.A., Childhood Education Associate: Bilingual Child
A.A., Education: Childhood Education Option
A.A., Education: Early Childhood Education Option
A.A., Education: Secondary Education Option
A.A., Liberal Arts: Latin American Studies Option
A.A., Liberal Arts: TESOL (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages)/Linguistics
A.S., Spanish-English Translation
A.A., Human Services
A.A.S, Nursing
A.A.S., Occupational Therapy Assistant
A.A.S., Physical Therapy Assistant
A.S., Public & Community Health
A.A.S., Radiology Technology
A.S., Therapeutic Recreation
A.A.S., Computer Operations
A.S., Computer Science
A.S., Computer Technology
A.S., Engineering Science
A.S., Earth System Science and Environmental Engineering Option
A.S., Liberal Arts: Mathematics and Science, Applied Math option Degree: Associate of Science
A.A.S., Network Administration and Security
A.A.S., Programming and Software Development
A.S., Biology
A.S., Biotechnology Track of Biology Program
A.S., Environmental Science
A.S., Physical Science: Chemistry Track
A.S., Physical Science: Physics Track
A.A., Liberal Arts: Ethnic Studies Option
A.A., Liberal Arts: International Studies Option
A.A., Liberal Arts: Japanese Option
A.A., Liberal Arts: Journalism Option
A.A., Liberal Arts: Latin American Studies
A.S., Liberal Arts Math and Science: Applied Mathematics Option
A.A., Liberal Arts: Political Science
A.A., Liberal Arts: Social Science & Humanities
A.A., Liberal Arts: Women and Gender Studies