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  • Live@LaG Print manages printing in the lab and classroom environments. Live@LaG Print assists the College in understanding the academic printing needs of students, allowing us to fine tune printing policies to match those needs. Live@LaG Print allows students to monitor how many pages are in each print job, as well as a history of the print jobs they have sent. There are also features that allows users to see what their print jobs environmental impact is on trees, carbon, and energy.

    LaGuardia implemented a print management solution during the Fall 2010 semester to help the College meet sustainability guidelines put in place by the City University of New York administration and to manage the rising cost of printing at the college. Doing so has enabled the College to go green and to use the money saved from the reduction in paper usage to continually provide the latest and greatest technology to benefit all students. For more information on the College's sustainability efforts, visit laguardia.edu/sustainability.

    Frequently Asked Questions


    What is Live@LaG Print and why did LaGuardia implement it? 

    Live@LaG Print is a print management system that reports, monitors and controls network printing for the labs and classrooms. The print management idea was originally brought to our attention after years of a large amount of wasted paper, toner and printing resources.

    Did you know: 

    LaGuardia was amongst the last CUNY colleges to implement a print management system.

    What is my initial general use print balance? 

    Each student is provided with a general use balance of 400 pages per semester. This balance is for both Session I and Session II.  We will review printing statistics and feedback during each semester and adjust the initial balance accordingly to accommodate academic printing needs. In most labs, the cost is two pages per sheet of paper, regardless of if you print on both sides of the page.

    Will I be charged for going over my print balance? 

    No. However, if you exhaust your balance, you may purchase additional pages from the Bursar. $1 will purchase an additional 100 pages.

    How can I check my balance?   

    You can check your balance by visiting https://liveprint.laguardia.edu.

    Does my general use balance rollover to the next semester if I don’t use it all? 

    No, remaining balances in your general use account will be reset to 400 pages at the beginning of each semester.

    Can I share my balance with others? 

    No. Transfers of unused balances are not allowed.

    My teacher asks me to print a lot of pages for class.  Will those still count against me? 

    It depends. If you are in an Open Computing Area lab like the Library or Study hall, all pages will be deducted from your general use balance. If you print from an academic lab, it will come out of a special daily balance allotment that is provided for class time printing. This balance is reset to 30 pages daily.

    Will pages that I purchase be carried over from semester to semester? 

    Yes, the balance in your paid account will be carried over to the next semester. However if you are not enrolled for classes for more than 6 months, the remaining balance is considered surrendered.

    Do different majors or years get more pages for their balances? 

    No, all students begin with the same balance at the beginning of the semester.

    Do color print jobs cost me more pages than printing in black & white? 

    Color printing is not currently offered.

    What does “Cancelled at the release station” mean? 

    It means that you or a technician cancelled the print job at a release station.

    Is the general use print balance the same for faculty and staff ? 

    No. Faculty and staff general use accounts are reset to 30 pages daily. This balance will not rollover and will not accumulate more than 30 pages. All other policies apply to students, faculty and staff.

    Where can faculty and staff print? 

    Faculty and staff may print in the Faculty and Staff computer resource lab, located in room E-256.

    I'm a faculty member and I need to print my course materials for my entire class, where can I do this? 

    All course related materials including exams, handouts, course outlines and syllabi must be printed by the Print Shop. Submit your course materials to your department for the print order.

    I'm not a current LaGuardia student, am I allowed to print? 

    No. Printing is only available for students who are registered for classes in the current semester.

    Can I print from my own device? 

    Yes, printing from personal devices is now supported! Visit http://www.laguardia.edu/PrintAnywhere for details and instructions!


    Printing policies


    • Minimize printing multiple copies of print jobs (Copy machines are available in the Library and the C-building lobby).
    • Print jobs must be 30 pages or less, Live@LaG Print will automatically deny documents that are more than 30 pages. This helps to make sure that everyone gets their print job in a timely fashion.
    • Use only the paper provided in the computer labs. If you need to print on special paper, see a lab technician.
    • The printing of envelopes, transparencies or mailing labels are prohibited in labs.
    • When printing large documents from the web, use Print Preview to print only those pages you need rather than the entire document.
    • When printing PowerPoint presentations print three - six slides to a page to minimize paper consumption. Lab technicians can assist you with this.
    • Documents printed in Open Computing Areas are held in the cloud and can be picked up at any release station by swiping your LaG ID Card or entering your Live@LaG username and password.
    • Release stations are currently available in the Library and Study Hall.
    • Please report any printer problems immediately to a technician.
    • Specialty computer labs, such as the ePortfolio, Library Media Resources, and SGA Study Hall labs provide users with special balances that are only available for use within those labs. These balances do not carry over into the general use account and are ineligible for usage in any other lab.


    Printing from campus computers with Live@LaG Print


    Students, faculty and staff may print in campus computer labs. In Open Computing Area labs where users login, just click print then retrieve your document(s) from a release station when you are ready to pickup the document(s). In academic computer labs and quick print stations, users will need to enter there credentials after clicking print. The document will print immediately. Faculty and staff login with their LaGuardia Email account and students login using their Open Computing Area accounts.

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