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    Learning Communities are groupings of two or more courses, often surrounding a common theme. There are two types of Learning Communities, Clusters (consisting of three or more classes) and Pairs (consisting of two classes).

    Learning Communities can help you:

    • Make connections among courses
    • Form a community with your classmates
    • Work closely with faculty
    • Be more successful in your courses
    • Be more likely to stay in school and graduate

    Learning Communities are required for first-year Liberal Arts students.


    The Liberal Arts clusters are listed below. To help you determine which themes and courses interest you most and which schedule works best for you, each cluster includes a full description and schedule, with CUNYfirst registration Section codes.

    Liberal Arts Clusters - Classes List 
    Liberal Arts Clusters - Fall 2016

  •  CLUSTER LC10 - Communication in a Global Age

    Composition I (ENG101), The Research Paper (ENG103), First Year Seminar (LIF101), Introduction to Language (ELL101), Public Speaking (HUC106)

    Time Monday Tuesday Wednesday  Thursday Friday
    9:15-10:15 ELL101 ENG101/ENG103 ELL101 ENG101/ENG103  
    ENG101/ENG103 ELL101 ENG101/ENG103 ENG101/ENG103
    11:45-12:45 LIF101 LIF101 LIF101 LIF101 ENG101/ENG103
    1:00-2:00 HUC106
    HUC106 HUC106 ENG101/ENG103

    In this cluster you will:

    • Examine what constitutes a language and how many are spoken today
    • Explore the connections between languages culture, and identity 
    • Learn about bilingualism, language extinction, translation and hate speech
    • Visit the United Nations and learn how to address a global audience

     CLUSTER LC20 - World of Passions

    Composition I (ENG101), The Research Paper (ENG103), First Year Seminar (LIF101), Public Speaking (HUC106)

    Time Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
    10:30-11:30 ENG101/ENG103    
    ENG101/ENG103 ENG101/ENG103  
    11:45-12:45 ENG101/ENG103
    ENG101/ENG103 ENG101/ENG103   
    11:00-2:00 HUP101    HUP101 ENG101/ENG103  
    2:15-3:15 HUP101  
    3:25-4:25 LIF101
    4:35-5:35  LIF101

    In this cluster you will:

    • Explore the cross-cultural of dynamics of passion and rationality
    • Examine texts and art from ancient Greece, Egypt, and India, as well as works by Freud and the surrealists
    • Investigate passions as forces of the mind as both creative and destructive
    • Participate in field trips to museums and art galleries

     CLUSTER LC30 - Fighting for our Rights!

    Composition I (ENG101), The Research Paper (ENG103), First Year (LIF101), Introduction to Sociology (SSS100), Power and Politics (SSP101) 

    Time Monday Tuesday Wednesday  Thursday Friday
    9:15-10:15 SSP101 ENG101/ENG103  SSP101
    10:30-11:30 SSP101 ENG101/ENG103  SSS100 ENG101/ENG103   
    11:45-12:45 SSS100 ENG101/ENG103 SSY100 ENG101/ENG103  
    1:00-2:00 LIF101 ENG101/ENG103
    2:15-3:15 LIF101 LIF101   LIF101  

    In this cluster you will:

    • Examine what your rights are and where they come from
    • Learn how to use rights to transform your political desires into a better world
    • Explore the history of social movements and revolutions 
    • Explore ways for you as students at LaGuardia to FIGHT FOR YOUR RIGHTS!

     CLUSTER LC40 - Food for thought

    Composition I (ENG101), The Research Paper (ENG103), First Year Seminar (LIF101), Themes in American History since 1865 (SSH102), Cultural Anthropology (SSA101)

    Time Monday Tuesday Wednesday  Thursday Friday
    9:15-10:15 SSA101
    10:30-11:30 SSA101 ENG101/ENG103  ENG101/ENG103  ENG101/ENG103   
    11:45-12:45 HUSSA101 ENG101/ENG103  ENG101/ENG103  ENG101/ENG103   
    1:00-2:00 SSH102 LIF101 SSH102 LIF101  
    2:15-3:15 SSH102 LIF101   LIF101  

    In this cluster you will:

    • Learn about the history of food production, distribution, consumption, and disposal in the United States
    • Find out how food production and consumption are related to cultural identity and socio-economic conditions
    • Explore New York City's "food geography" - including some of its most iconic (and hidden) food sites

     CLUSTER LC50 - Identity and Ideas: Images of self and other

    Composition (ENG101), The Research Paper (ENG103), First Year Seminar (LIF101), Art of Theatre (HUT101), Introduction to Language (ELL101)

    Time Monday Tuesday Wednesday  Thursday Friday
    9:15-10:15 HUT101 ELL101   ELL101   
    10:30-11:30 HUT101 ELL101 HUT101 ENG101/ENG103   
    11:45-12:45 ENG101/ENG103 ENG101/ENG103 ENG101/ENG103  ENG101/ENG103  
    1:00-2:00 ENG101/ENG103 LIF101 ENG101/ENG103  LIF101  
    LIF101       LIF101  

    In this cluster you will:

    • Question who we are, what shapes us, what inspires us, how we change
    • Integrate materials from Theatre, English, and Linguistics around the theme of emerging identities
    • Workshop and develop short scenes about identity drawing on different theatrical traditions

     CLUSTER LC60 - From Movies to the Internet: Media for the masses

    Composition I (ENG101), The Research Paper (ENG103), First Year Seminar (LIF101), Mass Media and Their Evolution (HUC120), American Film (HUC270)

    TimeMonday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday 
    2:15-3:15LIF101LIF101 LIF101 

    In this cluster you will:

    • Examine the role of movies and mass media technologies in our daily lives
    • Trace the evolution of radio, TV, mobile media, and the Internet
    • Investigate the changing demographics of audiences
    • Visit the Museum of the Moving Image and create your own film review videos for the campus WebTV channel

  • Liberal Arts Pairs

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