• Academic Advising

  • The goal of advising at LaGuardia is provide you with education and guidance according to need at every point along a clearly defined pathway from admission to graduation.

  • LaGuardia's faculty and staff advisors are partners with you and enable you to define your own success.You are in control of your academic success and we want you to take an active role in advisement.  

    Student Responsibilities:

    1.  Be on top of things: Review your Degree Works, check your LaGuardia email and meet your Advising Team.
    2.  Be in control: Meet with your Advising Team regularly.
    3.  Be up front: Academic and personal integrity go a long way, at LaGuardia and beyond.

    What to Expect from Advising Teams:

    1. Guidance and support at every step of your journey at LaGuardia.
    2. Connecting you with the support services you need, no matter what you need.
    3. Help while you learn and examine who you are and where you want to be.

    Advising Teams consist of Professional, Faculty and Peer Advisors, First Year Seminar Faculty and staff members from a variety of College offices and departments.

    Advising occurs one-on-one, both in-person and electronically, as well as in groups through New Student Advising and Registration (NSAR), First Year Seminar and at Advising events.

    Log in to My LaGuardia to message your assigned advisor or Advising Team.

    Business & Technology
    Majors: Accounting, Business Administration, Paralegal Studies, Travel Tourism and Hospitality Management

    Belal Mobarak
    Aqueelah Muhammad
    Emily Schrynemakers
    Salma Shaheen

    Education & Language Acquisition
    Majors: Education Associate: The Bilingual Child, Childhood Education Option, Early Childhood Education Option, Secondary Education Option, Spanish-English Translation

    Cheryl McKenzie

    Health Sciences
    Majors: Dietetic Technician, Food Service Management, Human Services, Licensed Practical Nursing, Nursing, Occupational Therapy Assistant, Paramedic, Physical Therapist Assistant, Radiologic Technology, Veterinary Technician

    Delle-Ann Barrow
    Bipasha Dey
    Carole Julien
    Roosevelt Smith

    Majors: Commercial Photography, Communication Studies, Fine Art, Industrial Design, Music Recording Technology, New Media Technology, Philosophy, Theater

    Rosana Prichardo
    Jarrod San Angel

    Liberal Arts and English
    Majors: Creative Writing, Deaf Studies Option, History Option, International Studies Option, Japanese Option, Journalism Option, Latin American Studies Option, Media Studies Option, Music Option, Political Science Option, Social Science & Humanities, Writing and Literature

    Matthew Haynes
    Maria Shirling
    Shakira Whitley

    Social Science
    Majors: Criminal Justice, Psychology

    Sandra Cevallos
    Emmeline Robles

    Majors: Biology, Computer Operations: Network Administration & Security, Computer Science, Computer Technology, Engineering Science, Environmental Science, Liberal Arts: Math & Science, Programming & Systems

    Luis Alicea
    Laura Barski
    Joelle Bonny
    Marangely Colon

    Take Notes Icon
    Take Notes
    Bring a pen and notebook with you so you can write down all of the important things you need to remember.

    Ask Questions Icon
    Ask Questions
    Your Advisor knows a lot of valuable information about college. Ask about time management tools, tutoring options, department information, Session II classes and more!
    Office Hours Icon
    Office Hours
    Plan ahead, if your Advisor reminds you of important dates,
    make sure you put them in your calendar.
    • Graduation - Advisors will review your GPA, credits earned, and courses to help you track your momentum toward your degree.
    • Study Groups - Need help in a specific class? Your Advisor will discuss your options and connect you to a tutoring resource.
    • Course Selection - You and your Advisor will review Degree Works discuss courses for the upcoming semester and remove any advising holds. Don’t forget to ask about Session II classes!
    • Stay on Track - Your Advisor can help you feel confident in your major and career path.

    Pro Tips: Make the Most of your Time!

    • The best time to be advised is before registration, so make an appointment mid-October and mid-April. It’s best to arrive a few minutes before your scheduled for an appointment.
    • Do some online research! Take advantage of Degree Works so you’re prepared for your appointment. Depending on your status, you may be required to see an advisor.
    • Check My LaGuardia for your Advisor’s contact information. Appointments are available for many advisors, or you can reach out via email.

    Student Advising Tips Sheet - Printer Friendly

    Make a Schedule Icon
    Make a Schedule
    Plan out your week, including class, work and study time. If you pace your work, you won’t get overwhelmed and leave everything for the last minute.
    Ask Questions Icon
    Ask Questions
    If you’re in class and you don’t understand the homework or classwork, make sure to ask your professor or classmates for help. PRO TIP: If you get questions wrong on a test, ask your professor for the correct response so you don’t get it wrong on the final.
    Office Hours Icon
    Office Hours
    Visit your professor during office hours to help you to get all of your questions answered. Build a strong relationship with your professor, get help if you don’t understand the homework, and review projects or essays that you could use their feedback on.
    • Flash Cards - By both making and studying from them, helps with memorization.
    • Study Groups - Studying with friends helps by sharing notes and discussing classwork.
    • Note Taking - It’s important to take notes during class! If you miss a class, make sure to ask your classmates for their notes.
    • Practice Tests - You can search for tests online or work with your study group to quiz each other.

    Free Tutoring

    Math Lab - Room MB-44

    Get help for any level of math, homework, projects, and going over tests.

    Writing Center - Room B-200

    Get your essays reviewed to help you improve your writing skills.

    SGA Study Hall - Room M-159

    Tutors will help students with English, Accounting, Math, Reading, and Science.

    For other tutoring options, visit: laguardia.edu/tutoring

    Tutoring Tips Sheets - Printer Friendly

    Apply Early
    Apply Early
    Check the Academic Calendar online and apply early for financial aid, TAP, and scholarships.
    Pay Plan
    Pay Plan
    Manage your tuition bills with payment plans.
    Explore Options
    Explore Options
    Make sure you research all financial opportunities – FAFSA, scholarships, job opportunities, and more – to find the right match for you.
    • Scholarships - You can apply for the Foundation Scholarship online. You can apply for emergency funds for books, tuition and transportation by visiting the scholarship office in Room E-508.
    • Work Study - The Federal Work-Study (FWS) Program offers students an opportunity to earn money by working part time on or off campus. You can apply for FWS through your FAFSA application.
    • Job Search - The Center for Career and Professional Development helps you plan your professional path and obtain employment. Getting a job can help fund your education plus build your resume while in school.
    • Federal Loans - You’ll need to pay back the federal government if you decide to take out a loan. There are two federal loan options you can apply for: subsidized (interest accrues after graduation) or unsubsidized (interest accrues at point of disbursement).

    Financial Services Offices

    CCPD - Room B-114

    • Career Planning
    • Professional Skills Training
    • Career Assessments

    Student Financial Services - Room C-109

    • Federal/State aid and Grants
    • Public Benefit Screenings
    • Work-Study

    Bursar - Room C-110

    • Tuition Balance Inquiry
    • Payment Options

    For other financial services and information, visit: laguardia.edu/PayingforCollege

    Financial Health Tips Sheet - Printer Friendly

    Student Financial Services is committed to removing financial barriers by ensuring that all eligible students receive aid in a timely manner, in accordance with federal, state, and CUNY policies and regulations. Professional Financial Aid Advisors are available to assist students in successfully financing the cost of their education. Over fifty percent of LaGuardia students are awarded approximately $50 million in Federal, State and institutional grants annually.

    Visit the CUNY Financial Aid website to learn more about applying for financial aid, and contact Student Financial Services at LaGuardia at 718-482-7218.

    Degree Audit Icon
    Degree Audit
    Analyze your past and present classes to keep track of your academic progress, plan ahead and stay on track for graduation. Login to your My LaGuardia and click on Degree Works.
    GPA Icon
    Determine your academic standing by reviewing your grades, credits earned and GPA on My LaGuardia.
    Course Catalog Icon
    Course Catalog
    Learn about the courses in your major and see an extensive list of classes to choose from by visiting LaGuardia.edu/majors.
    • Advising Team - Your Advising Team can help you pick classes; remember to take notes and ask plenty of questions. After your session, you’ll want to visit CUNYfirst online to register.
    • Finances - Check if you have an outstanding balance by visiting CUNYfirst. There’s a lot of options to help pay for college, visit LaGuardia.edu/PayingforCollege.
    • Reminders - To be considered full time, you must enroll in a minimum of 12 credits combined in sessions one and two. PRO TIP: Register for sessions one and two at the same time to balance your schedule.
    • Deadlines - Stay informed by reviewing the academic calendar for deadlines. Go to: LaGuardia.edu/Academic-Calendar


    Registration Lab - Room B-218

    Meet, chat and get help from students and staff who will be more than happy to teach you how to register for classes.

    Financial Aid Office - Room C-109

    Sit down for one-on-one sessions with a financial advisor to discuss grants, federal and state aid, loans and public benefits options.

    Bursar Office - Room C-110

    Visit Bursar for more information about your bill, payment plans and overall financial standing.

    For more information, visit: laguardia.edu/REGISTRAR/

    Registration Tips Sheet - Printer Friendly

    Explore Icon
    It’s never too early to explore your academic options for after LaGuardia. Be sure to attend transfer events and workshops happening at LaGuardia to learn more about four-year colleges.
    Plan Icon
    Choose the best four-year colleges that will connect your LaGuardia education to your career aspirations.
    Review Icon
    Research the colleges you’ve chosen on websites like College Board and Princeton Review, so you know the details about admissions expectations, and financial commitments.

    Plan your Transfer

    • 0-30 Credits - As you work through your first year, decide if a four-year degree is right for you and your career goals.
    • 30-45 Credits - You should have a long list of options, and now it’s time to narrow down your search.
    • 45+ Credits - Applications, essays, letters of recommendation – it’s paperwork time!

    Transfer Services can Help

    • One-on-one advising appointments to determine which college or university will best meet your goals. Create an academic plan to ensure you meet the transfer requirements of your chosen institution.
    • Navigate the application process and provide tips on essays and references. Provide resources such as transfer guides, course equivalencies, and scholarship information to help you make the best choice.
    • Connects you with representatives on campus from four-year colleges during Transfer Fairs, Information Sessions, and Instant Decision Days.

    Room B-215
    Contact: (718) 482-5185
    Email: transfer@lagcc.cuny.edu

    For more information, visit: laguardia.edu/transfer-services

    Transfer Tips Sheet - Printer Friendly

    Fall & Spring Fest
    Fall & Spring Fest
    Every semester there is a Fall or Spring Fest where students can learn about current clubs and how to get involved.

    Check the Campus Calendar online to find the date of our next Fall or Spring Fest.
    Pay Plan
    You can view a list of student clubs online Visit Campus Life, in Room M-115, to get to find out where and when students a list of student clubs that you can join meet.

    Student Clubs.
    Explore Options
    Campus Life
    Visit Campus Life, in Room M-115, to get a list of student clubs that you can join or information about how to create your own club.
    • PHI THETA KAPPA - Phi Theta Kappa recognizes academic achievements and provides opportunities to improve your scholarship, leadership skills and participate in service projects.
    • DELTA ALPHA PI - Delta Alpha Pi is an international honor society that celebrates and supports the academic achievements of students with disabilities. They advocate for students, provide support and teach students the importance of leadership
    • Student Government Association - Become the voice of the student body, serve as a credible source for information, give guidance and advocate for students.
    • President's Society - Get the opportunity to attend networking events, cultural outings and workshops designed for your professional development.

    Pro Tips

    Create your Own Club

    First, meet with the coordinator of Campus Life to discuss your purpose and plan for the club.

    To bring your idea to life, you need at least 25 signatures and approval from Campus Life and the Student Government Association.

    Build your Resume

    By getting involved around campus, you will meet people, build connections and discover new interests. You can build your resume for job applications by partaking in community service, entering competitions and enrolling in honors classes.

    Leadership Skills

    Build your resume, network, gain professional experience, learn interview skills, practice public speaking, and acquire the skills necessary to succeed in your academic and professional career.

    For more information, visit: laguardia.edu/student-clubs

    Making Connections on Campus Tip Sheet - Printer Friendly

    Consultation with your Advising Team is strongly recommended prior to completing and submitting the forms listed below.

    Dropping/Course Withdrawal:

    There are two mechanisms for students to drop courses: Drop and Official Withdrawal. During the change of program period, students must log in to CUNYfirst to drop a course or courses. The course will not appear on the student’s transcript. You may however be responsible for part of the tuition cost, depending on how long you attended and were registered for class. If you need to withdraw from a course or the college after change of program (that is, your major), you must go to CUNYfirst. If you withdraw during the official withdrawal period, you will receive a “W” as a grade and will be responsible for all tuition charges. Instructions and student guides are available on: http://www.laguardia.edu/CUNYfirst/Student-Guides/

    Change of Curriculum

    Students who wish to change their major must file the appropriate form. Changing your major is an important decision and should be discussed with your Advising Team prior to making any changes. The procedure to change your major is as follows:

    1. Download the Change of (Major) Curriculum or Concentration Form

    2. Complete the form with proper Major Codes and get appropriate signatures, if necessary.

    3. After you have obtained the proper signatures, return this form to the Enrollment Service Center in room C 107

    4. Make sure you submit the form by the deadline, Census Day, as indicated on the Academic Calendar