• Academic Advising

    The Advising Team is here for you. Advising Teams help you map out the best route to graduation, four-year colleges and careers, by combining the knowledge of professional advisors with the expertise of faculty.

  • Your LaGuardia student journey begins with your personal Graduation Plan, created with guidance from faculty in First Year Seminar (FYS). Your Advising Team is dedicated to helping you achieve your educational and career goals. Advising Teams continually guide students through curricula and program requirements while exploring educational and career aspirations. Your Graduation Plan is updated, revisited and revised along the way.

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  •  Advising Teams
    You receive support throughout your educational journey, and LaGuardia’s team approach to advising guides you from application to graduation. Advising Teams consist of Professional, Faculty and Peer Advisors, First Year Seminar Faculty and staff members from a variety of College offices and departments.

    Advising occurs one-on-one, both in-person and online, as well as in groups through New Student Advising and Registration (NSAR), First Year Seminar and at Advising events.

    Meet your Advising Team on your Major's Page.
     Responsibilities and Expectations

    LaGuardia's faculty and staff advisors are partners with you and enable you to define your own success.You are in control of your academic success and we want you to take an active role in advisement.  

    Student Responsibilities:

    1.  Be on top of things: Review your Degree Audit, check your LaGuardia email and meet your Advising Team.
    2.  Be in control: Meet with your Advising Team regularly.
    3.  Be up front: Academic and personal integrity go a long way, at LaGuardia and beyond.

    What to Expect from Advising Teams:

    1.  Guidance and support at every step of your journey at LaGuardia.
    2.  Connecting you with the support services you need, no matter what you need.
    3.  Help while you learn and examine who you are and where you want to be.

     Video Tutorials

    Through advisement you will connect with faculty in your major as well as academic and peer advisors that will help you on a successful path to graduation.

    Check out these videos to help you get started:

     Preparing for Advisement

    Each semester you will take part in advising in several different ways. There will be times when you meet with an advising team member individually or in a group with other students in your major.

    To make the most of your advising appointment prepare in advance; take the following steps.

    Step 1:
    Keep your Graduation plan up to date.

    Degree Audit and CUNYfirst are
    Great tools to help you stay on top
    of your major's course

    Step 2:
    Keep your thoughts in order

    Jot down some ideas for what
    classes you would like to take and
    any questions you may have so
    you don't forget

    Step 3:

    Keep your future in mind

    It's never too early to log in to
    eCareer and start thinking about
    what careers interest you.


    LaGuardia offers many resources to meet your academic needs. Whether you are seeking academic help from a professor or fellow student, you have many choices:

    • If you need help in a particular course, speak to your professor. Professors keep weekly office hours to answer student questions and can direct you to course specific tutoring services or study groups. Search the Directory to find contact information.

    • The Business and Technology Center, located in B 320, provides assistance to Business students in creating and maintaining their ePortfolios and in depositing work into the assessment section of their ePortfolios. Additionally, one-on-one tutoring is provided for accounting students. No advance appointments are necessary. The Business and Technology Center is open Monday- Friday 9:15 a.m. - 9:00 p.m.

    • The Writing Center, located in room B 200, will help you improve your writing for any class, except ESL and Reading courses, which have their own tutoring labs. Writing Center tutors can help you get started on a research paper, teach you how to proofread, or help you correct a graded essay. 

    • Mathematics Tutoring Center, also known as the Math Lab, is located in MB 44. The Math Lab will help you with any level of math, including help with homework, courses and projects. You can work alone or in small groups, asking tutors for assistance.

    • The Collegiate Science and Technology Entry Program (CSTEP) offers tutoring in chemistry and biological chemistry in the Science Study Center, and is located in room E 342. 

    • The Anatomy and Physiology Study Hall, located in room E 312, is dedicated to helping Biology students achieve excellence by providing peer tutors, faculty members, anatomical models, videos and specimens, as well as offering old exams and practice bone exams.

    • The Modern Language Lab in room B 206 provides lab sessions to reinforce classwork and language tutoring for day, evening, and weekend students.
    • The Student Government Association (SGA) Study Hall in room M 159 helps students with English, Accounting, Math, Reading and Science courses through one-on-one tutoring, group tutoring sessions and study skill workshops.

     Student Success Survival List

    Just Ask!   

    • Ask questions and get answers visit Ask LaGuardia

    •  Study! You should study a lot if you want to achieve your goals & do something really well. If you  attain & maintain a great GPA, then you may be eligible for scholarships when you complete your degree.

    •  Go to all of your classes & pay attention – communicate with your professor & classmates to catch up on work, & avoid the domino effect of falling behind.

    •  Speak with your professors & advisors – In regards to your grades & academic standing before mid-semester exams & assignments! (PS, know your professors’ names).

    •  Use Institutional resources – LaGuardia has many!

    developed by the LaGuardia ASAP team

     Official Forms

    Consultation with your Advising Team is strongly recommended prior to completing and submitting the forms listed below.

    Dropping/Course Withdrawal:

    There are two mechanisms for students to drop courses: Drop and Official Withdrawal. During the change of program period, students must log in to CUNYfirst to drop a course or courses. The course will not appear on the student’s transcript. You may however be responsible for part of the tuition cost, depending on how long you attended and were registered for class. If you need to withdraw from a course or the college after change of program (that is, your major), you must go to CUNYfirst. If you withdraw during the official withdrawal period, you will receive a “W” as a grade and will be responsible for all tuition charges. Instructions and student guides are available on: http://www.laguardia.edu/CUNYfirst/Student-Guides/

    Change of Curriculum

    Students  who  wish  to  change  their  major  must  file  the  appropriate  form.  Changing your major is an important decision and should be discussed with your Advising Team prior to making any changes. The procedure to change your major is as follows:

    1. Download the Change of (Major) Curriculum or Concentration Form

    2. Complete the form with proper Major Codes and get appropriate signatures, if necessary.

    3. After you have obtained the proper signatures, return this form to the Enrollment Service Center in room C 107

    4. Make sure you submit the form by the deadline, Census Day, as indicated on the Academic Calendar
     Financial Assistance

    Student Financial Services is committed to removing financial barriers by ensuring that all eligible students receive aid in a timely manner, in accordance with federal, state, and CUNY policies and regulations. Professional Financial Aid Advisors are available to assist students in successfully financing the cost of their education. Over fifty percent of LaGuardia students are awarded approximately $50 million in Federal, State and institutional grants annually.

    Visit the CUNY Financial Aid website to learn more about applying for financial aid, and contact Student Financial Services at LaGuardia at 718-482-7218.