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The Business & Technology Department provides leadership in business education and nourishes educational opportunities by empowering our students to enter the business field either immediately upon graduation or later, as well as to transfer to a four-year institution. This is achieved by developing and maintaining relevant curricula for and about business.

Our programs provide students with knowledge, skills and attitudes that are essential to employment.  We strive to remain accessible, affordable, and responsive to individual and community needs in each area of the Business & Technology Department, while providing students with concrete knowledge and skills to succeed in the workplace.  These areas of study constitute a community of interest that can be aligned with students’ goals, while maintaining distinct objectives unique to their disciplinary purposes.

Degrees & Programs

Accounting, A.S.
The Accounting program provides students with a solid foundation in accounting and liberal arts. The program includes a selection of accounting and business courses designed to facilitate transfer to a four-year degree program in accounting and/or finance.

Business Administration, A.S.
The Business Administration program features a curriculum designed to help students develop the professional competencies necessary to succeed in the workplace.  Students receive a strong foundation in the basic areas of business (management, accounting, finance, business law and marketing) and have the option of completing an internship that will provide valuable experience for choosing a career and subsequent fulltime employment.

Business Administration A.S. Online Degree Program
The Business and Technology Department offers a fully online degree program in Business Administration. The academic requirements for this program are identical to those for the traditional A.S. in Business Administration. Courses are offered in both a synchronous and asynchronous online format.

Business Administration: Healthcare Management Option, A.S.
The Healthcare Management Option is designed to provide a general foundation in the basic areas of healthcare management and to prepare students for transfer to healthcare management programs at four-year colleges.

Hospitality, Tourism and Events Management, A.S.
The program is designed to prepare students either for career-entry positions in the travel, tourism and hospitality industries, or for transfer to related programs at senior colleges.

Paralegal Studies, A.A.S.
The program, which is approved by the American Bar Association, gives students the necessary substantive knowledge and practical skills to qualify them for entry-level positions as paralegals, prepares students for successful transfer to a four-year college, and gives students the foundation for lifelong career and personal growth.

Paralegal Studies, Certificate
In addition to AAS in Paralegal Studies, the Business & Technology Department offers a course of study leading to a certificate in Paralegal Studies. The Paralegal Studies Certificate program is suitable for students who want to enter the job market as quickly as possible, as well as for students who already have a degree in another subject.

Department Contacts

Contact Office/Phone
Michael Napolitano, Department Chairperson B-327E
(718) 482-5600
Kathleen Forestieri, Accounting Program Director B-327I
(718) 482-5607
Edward Goodman, Business Administration Program Director B-327Z
(718) 482-5614
Bindu Pillai, Business Administration: Healthcare Management Program Director B-327C
(718) 482-5756
Leslie Scamacca, Hospitality, Tourism, and Events Program Director B-327G
(718) 730-7541
Andrea Irias, Paralegal Studies Program Director B-327
(718) 482-5619