• Faculty Resources for Distance Learning Teaching

  • Updated Grading Policy for Fall 2021 Session I and II:

    • Most courses will be eligible for a Credit/ No Credit option. All clinical phase courses in Nursing, OTA, PTA, Rad Tech and Vet Tech (course prefixes: SCR, SCL, SCT, SCO, SCX, SCV) are excluded.
    • Students will be able to select this option after the grades have been posted. A timeline will be posted soon.
    • Only passing letter grades B+, B, B-, C+, C, C-, D+, D or D- can convert to ‘CR’ with credit for the class being awarded (for credit bearing courses), while a failing grade (F) can convert to ‘NC’, with no credit awarded.

    Please see full details here. Students should consult with their advisors before electing the Credit/No Credit option.

    Fall 2020 Credit/No Credit Policy Information and FAQ

  • Technology Courses, Webinars, Trainings and Professional Development

    This resources page provides faculty and staff with helpful digital trainings, resources and tools to successfully continue working remotely from home, professionally and personally.

    Scroll down through the page to see all the useful information and tools available to you or select from the links to the right to be taken to a specific section of interest on the page.

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  • CIS Training Courses Scheduled for the Spring 2021 Semester

    CIS Training is offering some new, as well as some popular spring courses, to help you with a variety of remote work skills within Office 365 and Dropbox. You can view the most up-to-date calendar and register here .

    Improve Your Microsoft Teams Remote Work Skills

    Use the MS Teams environment to communicate with students, create channels for specific topics, share assignments and handouts, and have real-time video conferences.

    Teams for Beginners. Choice: Feb. 24, 10-11 AM or April 21, 10-11 AM

    This webinar goes over the basics of the Teams app: Access to the App, Navigation of the Interface, One-on-one Chatting, Creation of a Team, Meetings and File Collaboration.

    Teams: Intermediate. Choice: February 24, 2 -3 PM or April 21, 2-3 PM

    This webinar builds on the basic knowledge from Teams for Beginners: Creating and Using Tags for Roles and Subgroups, Working with Private Channels, Searching and Filtering within Teams, Working with Tabs, Teams Best Practices.

    Working Remotely with OneDrive and Teams. March 25, 10-11 AM

    This webinar covers the file management aspects of both OneDrive (me-space) and Teams (us-space), along with the best practices for each app.

    Develop Plans, Organize/Assign Tasks and Chart Your Progress

    You can use MS Planner to assign specific tasks to users, track progress and completion, and communicate feedback.

    MS Planner. May 6, 10-11 AM

    This webinar goes over the Office 365 task-management app - Planner. - Access and navigation - Creating Planner projects - Setting and assigning tasks - Integration with Teams

    MS Planner: Advanced. Choice: March 9, 2-3 PM or May 6, 2-3 PM

    This webinar builds on the knowledge from the MS Planner webinar and goes over advanced organization of Planner elements, such as labels, checklists, color-coding, as well as some of the advanced settings available.

    Take, Organize, Scan or Convert Notes and Collaborate in Real Time

    OneNote is a virtual notebook that you and students can use to organize course content. They can create tabs and sections for different courses, add links, images, and more all in one space.

    OneNote and Word Accessibility. March 9, 10-11 AM

    Goes over accessibility features in Word and OneNote, such as Office Lens, Researcher, Alt Text, and others.

    OneNote: April 5, 2-3 PM

    This webinar goes over the basics of access and navigation around OneNote, the Microsoft 365 note-gathering and collaboration application

    Create and Share Videos Only With Your Students

    Microsoft Stream is similar to YouTube and allows you to upload and share videos with students. Also, Stream allows you to create groups by adding students’ emails as users so that videos are restricted to a group of users only.

    MS Stream. March 25, 2-3 PM

    Goes over the basics of Stream - Creating and Uploading Videos, Permissions, Screen Recording.

    Create Interactive Reports, Presentations, Surveys and Polls

    Sway allows you to create powerful visual content like newsletters or flyers. Forms is a platform similar to Google Forms that allows you to create forms and distribute them to others.

    Sway and Forms: April 9, 10-11 AM

    This webinar will dive into Microsoft Sway and show various types of dynamic presentations you can create and Microsoft Forms for surveys and assessments. We will also cover how Sway and Forms tie into Teams for working together!

    Improve Your Dropbox Collaborative Work Skills

    Dropbox is similar to OneDrive. It is a cloud storage service that you can use to store files in the cloud and share with students.

    Dropbox for Beginners. April 6, 1-2 PM

    This webinar is an introduction to the Dropbox cloud storage solution. Topics covered: Access and Navigation, Syncing, Sharing and Permissions.

    Dropbox Paper. Choice: April 7, 1-2 PM

    This webinar is an introduction to the Dropbox document-creation platform designed for collaborative work. Creating Paper docs, Paper features - timeline, to-do tasks, image and video, Sharing and collaborating.


    Expand Your ZOOM Meeting Skills

    Zoom is a web-conferencing application that you can use to have real-time video discussions with students. It can also be used to hold office hours virtually and record mini-lectures in advance of class time

    Zoom Q&A Session: March 19, 11-12 PM

    One-hour open Q&A session - an opportunity to ask our Zoom learning partners all of your Zoom-related questions.

    Increase Your Knowledge Through CUNY/CIS Provided Training Resources

    You can also view CIS Stream channels with curated video clips from previously recorded webinars, designed to help walk you through the most common tasks and actions within various CUNY-provided systems.

    Please note: You will need to sign into Office 365 with your CUNY-provided Microsoft account credentials, which are the same as your CUNY Login in order to access the Stream channels and the registration form (Username:Firstname.Lastname##@login.cuny.edu).

    CUNY/CIS Technology Training Resources

    For CIS technology training support for Office 365, Dropbox, Blackboard and CUNYfirst across CUNY

    CUNY Cybersecurity

  • Hispanic Educational Technology Services (HETS) Helps You and Your Students

    LaGuardia I.T. is a member of HETS which allows all LaGuardia faculty, staff and students to benefit from the many valuable services HETS offers.

    HETS regularly schedules webinars in English and Spanish regarding technology, distance learning and related topics to support faculty and administrators on this new modality. We will post future HETS webinars in this space as they are scheduled.

    Webinar for Students: Memoirs on Stepping Up and Moving Up.

    Student Leadership Shoecase Tour US

    • Speaker: Ronald Bautista, Vice President of Local Marketing at JPMorgan Chase
    • Date: February 26, 2021
    • Time: 1:00 PM – 2:30 pm
    • Place: Online via Zoom
    • Register free of charge: HETS Webinar for Students


    For more HETS tools, resources, and tips about teaching, teches/Health_Services/Coronology and productivity in a higher education scenario to better serve students, visit the Faculty & Administrators Placita (Plaza).

  • Webinars and Recorded Trainings to Help You Teach Remotely

    Technology Support and Access

    All Technology

    For help with any technology, contact the LaGuardia I.T. HelpDesk by:

    • Website Form
    • Email: ITHelp@lagcc.cuny.edu
    • Phone: 718-482-6134
    • Faculty & Staff Portal: From the LaGuardia Web Site choose My LaGuardia > Faculty & Staff, log in, then under Request Support, click on IT HelpDesk


    Microsoft Office 365 for Education

    This CUNY page will provide you with a variety of resources to help you navigate and utilize the sharing and collaborative services provided by the Microsoft Office365 platform, including the following applications:

    • Excel 365 – the cloud version of MS Excel;
    • OneDrive – the cloud storage service;
    • OneNote – free-form information gathering collaboration tool;
    • PowerPoint 365 – the cloud version of MS PowerPoint;
    • Teams – a unified communication and collaboration platform that combines that, video meetings, file storage, and app integration;
    • Word 365 – the cloud version of MS Word.

    If you have any questions about Microsoft Office 365 training contact CISTraining@cuny.edu


    ZOOM Access and Support
    • To access your ZOOM account, go to ZOOM portal page and choose Sign in. You will be taken to familiar CUNY login prompt where you enter yourFirstname.LastnameNN@login.cuny.edu login credentials to reach your account.
    • Using the ZOOM web-based portal is the best way to reach the ZOOM site. For Desktop and Mobile App users: Use Sign-In with SSO and the Company Domain: CUNY to use your CUNYFirst Login. For more detailed instructions with screenshots use this link for a printable PDF: Login Instructions
    • ZOOM security protocols/practices are required for campuses, programs, academic departments, offices, faculty or staff that use ZOOM for any CUNY related activities.
    • ZOOM installers and plugins are available for all platforms and the latest versions can be downloaded from the online Help Center
    • Technical Support is available from ZOOM. As a licensed user you can go to the ZOOM Tech Help Center and Login support Issues can be reported to LaGuardia campus IT using the e-mail: ZoomHelp@lagcc.cuny.edu.

    CUNY Technology Services for Faculty

    Campus Visit Protocols for Faculty and Staff
    • Each Division has designated at least two liaisons to serve as divisional approvers charged to review and approve faculty and staff member visits. The following steps describe the request process for visits: Requestors will need to access the Campus Access Request Form via the faculty/staff web portal and include reasons for the campus visit. Requests must be submitted 48 hours in advance. (Use Outlook credentials to navigate.)
    • Requests submitted will be automatically sent to divisional liaisons for approval.
    • Upon approval, the requestor will receive an email with instructions on how to download the Everbridge app and complete the mandatory Daily Health Screening/COVID Symptoms Checker.
    • Everbridge App: Instructions how to access and use the Symptom Checker.
    • In situations where a smartphone with an Everbridge app is not available, the questionnaire is accessible via a daily email or in-person at the CUNY location. Everbridge Health Screening via Email PDF
    • For complete protocols including Essential Staff, Contractors, Students, Visitors, Guests and Children, visit Protocols for Accessing Campus Facilities .

    New Library System: ALMA by Ex Libris

    Distance Learning with the LaGuardia Library