Pathways establishes general education requirements and transfer guidelines across CUNY.

Pathways is designed to make it easier for you to transfer from one CUNY college to another. When a student has met a Common Core or College Option requirement at one CUNY school, those requirements will be met at any other CUNY school; AP credits and non-CUNY credits may also count toward a student’s Common Core or College Option requirements. In Pathways, students in certain CUNY majors can easily transfer their major credits.
  • Courses passed for credit at any CUNY college will transfer for credit at any other CUNY college.
  • Courses that fulfill a Required Common Core requirement at any CUNY college will transfer for Required Common Core credit at any other CUNY college.
  • Courses that fulfill a Flexible Common Core requirement at any CUNY college will transfer for Flexible Common Core credit at any other CUNY college.
  • Courses that fulfill a College Option requirement at any CUNY college will transfer for College Option credit at any other CUNY college.
  • Courses that are designated as “Gateway” courses into a major will transfer for major credit at any other CUNY college that offers the major.

Please note AAS programs may require additional Common Core courses when transferring to a CUNY College.

Students who entered CUNY prior to Fall 2013 have the choice of deciding whether to “opt-in” to the Pathways requirements are also encouraged to seek the guidance of an advisor or other on-campus resource to help them make informed decisions.

Transfer Credit Appeals

In accordance with the CUNY Board of Trustees Resolution on Creating an Efficient Transfer System, the Chancellor has established a University appeals mechanism for undergraduate students who wish to appeal denial or restriction of transfer credit, in cases in which that credit has been determined through transfer credit evaluation at a college. Students who petition for reevaluation at the University level must have first completed the college’s transfer credit appeals process.

After admission to a CUNY college, students will receive a Transfer Credit Evaluation Report– in a timely manner–that provides an accounting of how transfer credits will meet CUNY general education requirements, degree program, and elective requirements.

Any transfer student with concerns about how completed courses have been evaluated for transfer credit must meet with a campus advisor to review their Transfer Evaluation Report. To make sure everything is completed in a timely manner, this meeting must take place at the earliest possible mutually agreeable time. After that meeting, students may initiate the transfer credit appeals process through the Transfer Appeals Officer, following the appeal/petition procedures as determined by the local college.

If students have not received a written response to their college appeal within 15 business days, or if students wish to appeal from a negative determination on their campus appeal, they may appeal that decision to the CUNY University Provost/ Office of Academic Affairs. They should complete the University Transfer Credit Appeals Form and submit the form and the requested support materials to the email address below. As long as no further materials or information are needed, students will receive a decision via email from CUNY OAA within 10 business days of an appeal’s receipt.

Decisions regarding student appeals related to denial or restriction of credit will be based on an evaluation of whether a CUNY policy violation has occurred. It should be noted that many curricular policies are campus based and decisions are the responsibility of faculty and will not be overturned by OAA.

If the CUNY OAA appeal is found to merit a change in course designation, the College Transfer Appeals Officer will ensure that the change is made to the student record. CUNY OAA decisions regarding appeals for reevaluation of transfer credit are final.

Download the University Transfer Credit Appeals Form (Note: depending on your Internet browser, you may need to click “Save” or “Download” to download the pdf after clicking on the link.) 

Fill in all information on the form.

Write up a brief statement outlining the reasons for your appeal (limit to 1 page).

Email the completed Appeals Form, your brief statement, a catalog course description of the course you have taken (if applicable), and a syllabus for the course you have taken (if available) as attachments to Marsha Oropeza

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College Option

If you plan to transfer to a bachelor’s program at CUNY you need to complete the College Option Requirement in addition to the Common Core Requirement. Please note you will not complete the College Option requirements until you transfer to a baccalaureate program.

The number of credits needed to satisfy the College Option Requirement range between 6 to 12. The number of credits you need to earn to fulfill the College Option Requirement depends on whether you transferred into the college and how many credits you had at the time of transfer.

Colleges may have different College Option requirements for different areas of study; in some cases, College Option requirements also may fulfill the requirements for your major.

Here are the College Option Requirements you might need depending on how many credits you have earned here at LaGuardia:

  • Earned Associate Degree — 6 College Option credits required
  • Earned More Than 30 Credits — 9 College Option credits required
  • Earned 30 or Fewer Credits — 12 College Option credits required
  • Learn more about the College Option Requirement on the CUNY Pathways website.