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    Since its launch in Spring 2020, LaGuardia Humanitarian Initiative is currently LaGuardia’s only collegewide initiative providing experiential learning opportunities to ALL students, irrespective of department and program.

    Through partnerships with local and global organizations, LHI’s high-impact pedagogical practice focuses on a yearlong interdisciplinary inquiry of global issues as defined by the United Nations. By aligning with the mission of LaGuardia and the goals of Experiential Learning as stated by the Association of Experiential Education, LHI addresses General Education’s all the core competencies and communication abilities.

    40+ courses have incorporated LHI in their curriculum since its inception. LHI foregrounds reflective pedagogy by a) helping students understand why they are learning the academic content and b) teaching them strategies of how they could apply that knowledge. LHI’s work has been acknowledged by the United Nations, Nobel Laureate Malala Yousafzai, Nobel Laureate and Vice President Al Gore, among others.

  • LHI Framework: Aligning with the United Nations

  • Classroom Learning/Inclusive Pedagogy (Led by Faculty)

    2022-2023: “#FoodJusticeForAll” UNSDG2

    Research Guide

    • Dana Trusso (Humanities)
    • Sada Jaman (Business and Accounting)
    • Tuli Chatterji, Rochell Isaac, Rochelle Spencer (English)
    • Anja Vojvodic, Alice Baldwin-Jones (Social Sciences)
    • Claudette Davis, Christopher Farley, Marina Klebanov (Natural Sciences)
    • Sandra Sze (M.E.C)
    • Kyoko Toyama (College Discovery)
    • Sada Jaman (Business and Technology)
    • Rebekah Johnson (ELA)

    2021-2022: “Education for All”

    United Nations Sustainable Development Goal 4

    • Dana Trusso, Poppy Slocum, Nancy Bandiera, Thomas Dempsey, Kevin McNeal, Lisa DeSpain (Humanities)
    • Sada Hye Jaman, Avis Anderson (Business and Accounting)
    • Mary Ryan (ELA)
    • Martina Clark (College Now)
    • Ellen Quish (First-Year Seminar)
    • Anja Vojvodic, Nicholle Shippen (Social Sciences)
    • Caron Knauer, Tuli Chatterji (English)
    • Kyoko Toyama (College Discovery Program)
    • Molly Rosner (LaGuardia and Wagner Archives)

    2020-2021: “Borders, Home, and Migration”

    United Nations Sustainable Development Goal 16

    • Caterina Almendral, Michele De Goeas-malone, Maureen Drennan, Lidiya Kan, Beto O'Byrne, Olivera Stankovic (Humanities)
    • Avis Anderson, Sada Hye Jaman, Marie Hanlon (Business and Accounting)
    • Kyoko Toyama (College Discovery Program)
    • Caron Knauer, Carlos Hiraldo, Tuli Chatterji, Olga Aksakalova (English)
    • Marianna Kokkinaki (Health Sciences)
    • Molly Rosner (Wagner Archives)
    • Daniel Herman, Nichole Shippen, Ryan Mann-Hamilton, Julie Weinstein (Social Sciences)
    • Marek Pena, Healther Barikmo, Gabriel Skop, Alex Pence, and Craig Clarke (ACE/TELC)

    2019-2020: “Access to Clean Water”

    United Nations Sustainable Development Goal 6

    • Lilla Toke, Olga Aksakalova,Caron Knauer, Lara Kattekola, Christine Marks,Tuli Chatterji (English)
    • Kyoko Toyama (College Discovery)
  • Lecture inside a classroom