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Room: C-Building, C-745
Phone: (718) 482-5690

Monday- Friday 9 a.m.- 5 p.m. 


The Humanities Department at LaGuardia Community College nurtures the creativity and fierce independence of our students through courses that encourage you to interpret the world through unconventional lenses, and never blindly accept the status quo. Your curiosity and our stellar faculty are a perfect match to develop your talents.

  • Communication Studies
    • Speech Center Labs – C-214 and C-216
    • Speech Center Office – C-242
    • Web Radio Station – MB-06
  • Industrial Design
    • Workshop Lab – C-9NYD2 (C-Building 9th Floor, NYDesigns)
  • Music Recording Technology
    • Audio Lab – E-127
  • Film and Television
    • Mac Computer Lab – M-121 (25 computers)
    • Video Studio/Black Box Studio (shared with Theatre program) – M-122
    • Control Room/Storage (shared with Theatre program) – M-122A
    • TV Station – M-122C
  • Performing Arts (Music)
    • Keyboard Lab – E-118
    • Music Practice Rooms – E-126 and E-125
  • Theater
    • Black Box Theatre – M-122
    • Dance Studio – C-401
    • Little Theatre
  • Photography
    • Darkroom – B-334
    • Mac Digital Imaging Lab – B-336C
    • Photography Program Office – B-336B
    • Photographic Studios – B-336E
    • Classroom/Studio – B-336A

Degrees & Programs

Commercial Photography, AAS 

The two-year AAS degree program is designed to train and qualify graduates for entry-level positions in the commercial photography industry.

Commercial Photography, Certificate

The one-year Certificate curriculum emphasizes basic and intermediate photography skills and is an excellent introduction to commercial laboratory techniques.

Commercial Photography: Fine Art Photography Option, AAS 

The Photography Program, in conjunction with the Fine Arts degree Program, offers a Fine Arts Photography option within the Commercial Photography degree. The Fine Arts option focuses on traditional techniques, their integration with digital technology, and the development of the conceptual building blocks required to make a fine art statement.

Communication Studies, AA  

The Communication Studies Program strives to combine both the theoretical framework and the practical skills of communication in four areas of concentration: Public Relations and Strategic Communication, Speech Pathology, Digital Communication and Society, and Communication Generalist.

Film and Television, AA 

In the Film and Television Program, the creative process begins with the need to communicate something: a message, a concept, a vision. Our curriculum is designed to offer the skills you need to bring your ideas to life. As a Film and Television major you will be introduced to the skills of media production, including screenwriting, cinematography, editing, TV field and studio production, computer graphics and effects.

Fine Arts, AS 

The Fine Arts program will offer training in studio art for students seeking careers in either the fine or applied arts. Emphasis throughout the curriculum will be placed on individual creativity, aesthetic awareness and an understanding of the visual arts in societies past and present.

Fine Arts: Design Studies, AS

The Design Arts Option provides the foundation coursework and experience necessary to begin a career as an Industrial Designer, Graphic Designer, Package Designer, Product Designer, Interior Designer or Fashion Designer, or to transfer to a four-year institution. Students study Design both in theory and in practice.

Industrial Design, AAS

Industrial Design is a combination of applied art and applied science, whereby aesthetics, ergonomics and usability of mass-produced products may be improved for marketability and production.

Music Performance, AA

Students in Music Performance develop performance-based skills through a combination of classroom training and individual instrumental instruction. Participation in performances in a variety of musical styles will be a part of every student’s program.

Music Recording Technology, AAS

The Music Recording Technology program provides career preparation as an audio technician. Students will be provided with theoretical knowledge of the field, in-depth audio recording technical knowledge and practical hands-on skills.

New Media Technology, AAS

New Media Technology students develop a broad understanding of multimedia and Internet-based technologies in order to develop expertise in creating the type of digital content that is widely in demand. The field of New Media is incredibly varied and provides writers, musicians, artists, filmmakers, and businesspeople with powerful new tools for economic development and creative expression.

Philosophy, AA

Philosophy majors study the core areas of philosophy and acquire the critical thinking abilities that are essential for success in all careers and areas of life. Philosophy, which means in the Greek “love of wisdom,” expands horizons, develops the mind and acquaints students with the great literature and intellectual heritage fundamental to our culture and society.

Theatre, AS

Theatre students develop performance-based skills through a combination of classroom training and theater experience. Participation in productions — classic and modern plays, musicals, developmental readings, and student productions — will be a part of every students’ program.

Department Contacts

Contact Office/Phone
Vera Albrecht
Humanities Chairperson
Hugo Fernandez
Commercial Photography Program Director
Francine White
Communication Studies Program Co-Director
Seurette Bazelais
Communication Studies Program Co-Director
Jason Schafer
Film & Television Program Director
Dahlia Elsayed
Fine Arts Program Director
Paul O’Keeffe
Industrial Design Program Director
William Fulton
Interim Music Performance Program Director
Mark Brooks
Music Recording Technology Program Director
Sarada Rauch
New Media Technology Program Co-Director
Juliana Alia
New Media Technology Program Co-Director
Cheri Carr
Philosophy Program Director
Christopher Weston
Theater Program Director