Payroll Management


Our Payroll Office is here to ensure a smooth and efficient process for all employees. We understand the importance of adhering to Federal, State, and City regulations, and we take great care in preparing accurate and timely payments for everyone.

Collaborating closely with the Business Office and the Office of Human Resources, we strive to streamline the payroll process. From verifying and auditing payments to analyzing data, our dedicated team works diligently to provide reliable service.

We handle various responsibilities, including the withholding and submission of Federal, State, and City taxes. We also manage time-sheets, annual leave, sick leave, overtime, and holiday compensation for Civil Service employees. Additionally, we address Non-Resident Alien taxing concerns for employees and facilitate Direct Deposits.

Rest assured, we are committed to providing support beyond payroll processing. Our office ensures the distribution of W2’s and offers reissued statements when needed.

We are here to assist you with any payroll-related questions or concerns. Your satisfaction is our priority, and we strive to create a welcoming environment for both employees and students at LaGuardia Community College.

  1. Pay Period – Bi-weekly period you are paid. These dates reflect the period in which you are paid whether you are on a current or lag payroll.
  2. Pay Date – Actual date you are paid.
  3. Reference # – A 7 digit number which is unique for every employee and it is used for identity purposes.
  4. Total Earnings – Your bi-weekly gross earnings before any deductions are removed. This amount reflects your gross earnings for that pay period.
  5. Year-to-Date – Total gross earnings for that given year.
  6. Federal Tax – Gross amount of Federal taxes deducted for that pay period.
  7. Social Security – Gross amount of Social Security deducted for that pay period.
  8. Medicare – Gross amount of Medicare deducted for that pay period.
  9. State Tax – Gross amount of state taxes deducted for that pay period.
  10. City Taxes – Gross amount deducted (If you live within City limits – 5 boroughs) for that pay period.
  11. City Waiver – N/A for CUNY employees.
  12. Total Deductions This Period – Is the total amount of deductions removed for that pay period.
  13. Net Pay – Amount you receive in your paycheck after taxes and deductions are removed.
  14. Description – Description of extra service amounts.
  15. Units/Hours – Hours services were performed in description box 14.
  16. Amount Earned Prior Period – Amount of services performed in description box 14 for prior period.
  17. Amount Earned This Period – Amount of services performed in description box 14 for this period.
  18. Leave Balances – Displays annual leave, sick leave, unscheduled holidays, etc…for Classified employees only.
  19. Description – Description for health insurance, pension, union deduction, TDA’s etc. These deductions are removed from your bi-weekly gross earnings.
  20. Amount This Period – Gross amount for description in box 19.
  21. Goal Amount – Goal amount for description in box 19.
  22. Balance – Remaining Gross balance of description in box 19.

Department Contacts

What is HR Help?

Part of Service Now which is our new CUNY Enterprise Ticketing System that will improve our efficiency, customer service by collecting and tracking inquiries that come into the Human Resources Department.

Service Now will organize and prioritize inquiries and help us respond to customers in a more efficient and timely manner.

How To Use Service Now? 

  1. Login to Service Now @
  2. Please click  for instructions on how to create a ticket for Human Resources and Payroll 

Need Help or Have Questions about Service Now?  

You may explore CUNY’s knowledge base to learn more information about the new Service Now ticketing system. You can also submit a ticket by visiting our Service Now catalog of services. 

Lonamatie “Loma” Hiralall Payroll Manager – Contact for F/T and P/T inquiries 718-482-5531
Aysha Chowdhury Payroll Coordinator – Part-time Instructional Staff and College Assistant 718-482-5518
Beatriz “Betty” Ramirez Olmos COA – Civil Service and Customer Service 718-482-5518
Vanessa Baro College Assistant – Customer Service and Data Entry 718-482-5518
John Pong COA – HEO, Faculty & Staff Time and Leave 718-482-5075
Diana Hristova Full Time Civil Service and PSC Titles 718-482-7025
Angel Pasan College Assistant – Customer Service 718-482-5518