HR Assist


HRAssist is a Time & Leave Application for all full-Time employees. HRAssist replaces the current paper Timesheets used for these employees.

This system is accessed by using your LaGuardia credentials, in other words, the same user name and password that you use to log into your computer without on the username.

In Campus or VPN: Please use Firefox, Safari or Edge to avoid extra steps. The direct link to HRAssist is:

The following are the pay schedules for the titles included in HRAssist. The pay schedules specify the due dates and time by when the timesheets must be submitted by the employee and approved by the supervisor:

 Full Time Civil Service Titles

 Full Time PSC/ECP Titles

Employee: Primary responsibility for accurately recording time belongs to the individual employee. It is your responsibility to ensure that your time is recorded correctly, reflecting proper labor charges, vacation, time and absences, etc. It is also your responsibility to submit your timesheet by the due dates specified by Payroll. By submitting your timesheet electronically, you are certifying that the timesheet accurately reflects how your time was spent during the week.

Please remember to:

  • Record your time after it has been worked
  • Be accurate and precise in recording your hours
  • Submit your timesheet in the electronic timekeeping system by the due dates and time.


Supervisor: Supervisors have a critical role in HRAssist. The Primary Supervisor shares the responsibility for ensuring timesheet accuracy with the employee. Alternate Supervisors are listed as backup approvers in the event the Primary Supervisor is unavailable. By approving the timesheet electronically, the supervisor is certifying that the timesheet accurately reflects the number of hours the employee has worked.

Please remember to:

  • Train and ensure that all employees under their supervision understand proper time reporting procedures.
  • Approve the timesheet by submitting it to Payroll which certifies that the timesheet accurately reflects the number of hours reported by the employee.

A ticket for Human Resources or Payroll can be opened using CUNY’s Service Now ticketing system

Instructions on how to open a ticket can be found HERE

Human Resources:

  • Adding/Removing Users
  • Adding/Removing Roles
  • PAF questions and/or concerns


  • Sick/Annual Leave Balances
  • Timesheets questions and/or concerns

Help Desk (ext. 6134):

  • Technical issues
  • Password reset


How to Enter a Timesheet for
Full-Time Faculty
Classified Managerial

How to Enter a Timesheet for
HE Associate
HE Officer

How to Enter a Timesheet for
Civil Service (White Collar, Blue Collar)
College Lab Tech, Sr College Lab Tech, Chief College Lab Tech
Assistant to HEO
HE Assistant