Flexible Common Core

General Education: Flexible Core

The Flexible Core consists of five categories:

  • World Cultures and Global Issues
  • U.S. Experience in its Diversity
  • Creative Expression
  • Individual and Society
  • Scientific World

Students in Associate of Arts (AA) and Associate of Science (AS) degree programs will complete one course from each category and a sixth course from any category; special conditions apply for Associate of Applied Science (AAS) majors.

Many majors require specific courses in the Flexible Core.

Flexible Core Courses

World Cultures and Global Issues

Discipline:  Modern Languages

  • ELA101 Elementary Arabic I
  • ELA102 Elementary Arabic II
  • ELA103 Intermediate Arabic I
  • ELA105 Arabic for Heritage Speakers
  • ELA201 Modern Arabic Literature
  • ELC101 Modern Chinese I
  • ELC102 Modern Chinese II
  • ELC103 Intermediate Chinese I
  • ELC105 Modern Chinese for Heritage Students
  • ELC106 Modern Chinese for Heritage Students II
  • ELF101 Elementary French I
  • ELF102 Elementary French II
  • ELF103 Intermediate French I
  • ELF105 French for Heritage Speakers
  • ELI101 Elementary Italian I
  • ELI102 Elementary Italian II
  • ELI103 Intermediate Italian
  • ELJ101 Elementary Japanese I
  • ELJ102 Elementary Japanese II
  • ELJ103 Intermediate Japanese I
  • ELJ104 Intermediate Japanese II
  • ELJ105 Japanese for Heritage Students
  • ELK101 Elementary Korean I
  • ELK102 Elementary Korean II
  • ELK103 Intermediate Korean
  • ELK105 Korean for Heritage Speakers
  • ELM101 American Sign Language I
  • ELM102 American Sign Language II
  • ELM103 American Sign Language III
  • ELM104 American Sign Language IV
  • ELP101 Elementary Polish I
  • ELP102 Elementary Polish II
  • ELP103 Intermediate Polish I
  • ELP105 Polish for Heritage Speakers
  • ELR101 Elementary Russian I
  • ELR102 Elementary Russian II
  • ELS101 Elementary Spanish I
  • ELS102 Elementary Spanish II
  • ELS103 Intermediate Spanish
  • ELS105 Spanish for Heritage Speakers I
  • ELS106 Spanish for Heritage Speakers II
  • ELS209 Spanish and Grammar Usage
  • ELT 101 Elementary Tibetan I
  • ELT 102 Elementary Tibetan II
  • ELT105 Tibetan for Heritage Speakers
  • ELU105 Uzbek for Heritage Speakers
  • ELV105 Bengali for Heritage Speakers
  • ELY105 Haitian Creole for Heritage Speakers
  • ELZ101 Elementary Portuguese I
  • ELZ102 Elementary Portuguese II

Discipline: Communication Skills

  • CSE 150 The Evolution of Reading Experience

Discipline: Language and Literature

  • EIS215 Language Issues in a Global World
  • EIS216 International Schooling in Global Contexts
  • ELA201 Modern Arabic Literature
  • ELC201 Modern Chinese Literature
  • ELC203 Classic Chinese Literature
  • ELC250 Chinese Literature in English Translation
  • ELF201 French Literature from a Global Perspective
  • ELF250 Modern French Literature in Translation
  • ELP201 Modern Polish Literature
  • ELR250 20th Century Russian Literature in Translation
  • ELS204 Latin American Civilizations

Discipline: Creative Writing


  • ENG271 Poetry Writing
  • ENG274 Creative Non-fiction Workshop
  • ENG276 Fiction Writing Workshop
  • ENN191 Art, Politics, and Protest*
  • ENN198 Creative Writing Workshop*
  • HUV/ENG238 Screenwriting


Discipline: Journalism


  • ENG212 Feature Writing for Newspapers


Discipline: Literary Studies


  • ENG256 Humor in Literature
  • ENG265 The Drama
  • ENG272 Literature and Film
  • ENG275 The Great Writer
  • ENG289 Introduction to Literary Study 

Discipline:  Health

  • SCN194 HIV/Aids Science & Society*

Discipline:  Fine Arts

  • HUA215 Art of the Renaissance in Italy
  • HUN192 Art and Society*

Discipline: Film and Television (Media Studies)

  • HUV150 Art of Film

Discipline: Music

  • HUM107 Music of Latin America
  • HUM109 World Music

Discipline:  Philosophy

  • HUP105 Philosophy of Religion
  • HUP115 Ethical Leadership in the Global Economy
  • HUP116 Latin American Philosophy
  • HUP117 Medieval Renaissance Philosophy
  • HUP118 African Philosophy
  • HUP121 Eastern Philosophical Traditions

Discipline:  Theater

  • HUT210 Theatre: Pre-History to the Renaissance
  • HUT211 Theatre: Renaissance to Modern Times

Discipline: Gender and Sexuality Studies

  • LIB201 Transnational Feminism

Discipline: Anthropology

  • SSA101 Cultural Anthropology
  • SSA106 Anthropology of Latin America
  • SSA120 Peoples & Culture of the Caribbean

Discipline: Economics

  • SSE105 International Economics

Discipline:  Geography

  • SSE125 World Geography

Discipline:  History

  • SSH103 Western Civilization from Ancient Times to the Renaissance
  • SSH104 Western Civilization from Renaissance to Modern Times
  • SSH105 World History from Ancient Times to 1500
  • SSH106 World History from 1500 to present
  • SSH110 East Asian Civilization & Societies
  • SSH113 Modern Chinese History
  • SSH114 Modern Japanese History
  • SSH121 Ancient Greek Civilization
  • SSH122 History of the Roman State and People
  • SSH153 History of the United States and World Affairs
  • SSH171 The World Since 1900
  • SSH232 Survey of Latin American & Caribbean History

Discipline: Political Science

  • SSP200 Global Politics
  • LIN190 Pandemics in Global Contexts

*Fulfills LaGuardia’s Urban Study requirement
Download PDF version: World Cultures & Global Issues

U.S. Experience and its Diversity

Discipline: Applied Linguistics

  • ELN101 Introduction to Bilingualism*

Discipline: Reading

  • CSE120 Reading the Biography

Discipline: Puerto Rican Studies

  • ELN194 The Puerto Rican Community*

Discipline: Literary Studies

  • ENG204 Asian American Literature
  • ENG225 Afro-American Literature
  • ENG235 Cultural Identity in American Literature
  • ENG248 Latina/o Writing in the U.S.
  • ENG268 The Immigrant Experience in American Literature
  • ENG269 Contemporary Black American Fiction
  • ENG292 American Literature I
  • ENG293 American Literature II
  • ENN195 Violence in American Art & Culture*
  • ENN240 Literature of the City

Discipline: Health

  • SCN240 Food and Culture*

Discipline: Health

  • SCN240 Food and Culture*

Discipline: Fine Arts

  • HUA214 History of Illustration

Discipline: Philosophy

  • HUP109 Philosophy of Law

Discipline: Theater

  • HUT220 Contemporary Latina/o Theatre in the United States

Discipline: Film and Television (Media Studies)

  • HUV270 American Film
  • HUN196 Film in NYC

Discipline: Music

  • HUN110 Hip Hop: Music Culture and Politics

Discipline Communications

  • HUC204 Race and Communications
  • HUN180 Introduction to Intercultural Communication

Discipline: Community Organizing

  • SSN103 Introduction to Labor and Community Organizing*

Discipline:  History

  • SSH101 Themes in American History I
  • SSH102 Themes in American History II
  • SSH151 Women and Gender in US History
  • SSH231 Afro-American History
  • SSN183 History of Minorities*
  • SSN240 History of New York City*

Discipline: Political Science

  • SSN192 Practical Politics in New York City
  • SSN210 Politics of Sexuality
  • SSP101 U.S. Power & Politics
  • SSP245 Law & Human Rights in America

Discipline:  Psychology

  • SSN280 Urban Black Psychology*

Discipline:  Sociology

  • SSN187 Urban Sociology*

*Fulfills LaGuardia’s Urban Study requirement

Download PDF version: U.S. Experience in its Diversity

Creative Expressions

Discipline: Education

  • ELE110 Arts in Education

Discipline: Creative Writing

  • ENG271 Poetry Writing
  • ENG274 Creative Non-fiction Workshop
  • ENG276 Fiction Writing Workshop
  • ENN191 Art, Politics, and Protest*
  • ENN198 Creative Writing Workshop*
  • HUV/ENG238 Screenwriting

Discipline: Journalism

  • ENG212 Feature Writing for Newspapers

Discipline: Literary Studies

  • ENG256 Humor in Literature
  • ENG265 The Drama
  • ENG272 Literature and Film
  • ENG275 The Great Writer
  • ENG289 Introduction to Literary Study

Discipline: Communication Studies

  • HUC106 Public Speaking
  • HUC113 Oral Interpretation
  • HUC140 Introduction to Broadcasting
  • HUC127 Sports Communication

Discipline: Film and Television

  • HUV/ENG238 Screenwriting

Discipline: Fine Arts

  • HUA101 Introduction to Art
  • HUA165 Art History: Pre-historic through Gothic
  • HUA166 Art History: Renaissance through Modern
  • HUA196 Latin American Art History
  • HUA200 Art of the 20th Century
  • HUA202 History of Photography
  • HUA212 History of Design
  • HUN195 Art in New York*

Discipline: Music

  • HUM101 Introduction to Music
  • HUM110 Introduction to Jazz
  • HUM210 American Music

Discipline: Philosophy

  • HUP107 Philosophy of Art

Discipline: Photography

  • HUN212 Photography in New York

Discipline: Theater

  • HUN245 The New York Theatre Experience
  • HUT101 Art of Theater

Fulfills LaGuardia’s Urban Study requirement
Download PDF version: Creative Expressions

Individual and Society

Discipline:  Literary Studies

  • ELS200 Latin American Literature I
  • ELS201 Latin American Literature II
  • ELV201 Modern Bengali Literature
  • ELA250 Arabic Literature in Translation
  • ELJ201 Modern Japanese Literature
  • ELJ250 Japanese Literature in Translation
  • ELK250 Modern Korean Literature in Translation
  • ELS250 Latin American Fiction in Translation

Discipline: Linguistics

  • ELL220 Applied Linguistics

Discipline:  Reading

  • CSE110 Literacy and Propaganda
  • CSE111 (depending on placement) 

Discipline: Writing

  • ENG220: The Seminar in Teaching Writing

Discipline:  Journalism

  • ENG210 Journalism: Its Scope and Use
  • ENG213 Broadcast Journalism: Writing for Radio

Discipline:  Literary Studies

  • ENG245 Images of Women in Literature
  • ENG247 The Woman Writer
  • ENG260 The Novel
  • ENG261 Literature of Difference
  • ENG280 Children’s Literature 

Discipline:  Health Sciences

  • SCH150 Drugs, Society & Human Behavior
  • SCH210 Human Sexuality 

Discipline:  Philosophy

  • HUP101 Introduction to Philosophy
  • HUP102 Critical Thinking
  • HUP104 Ethics and Moral Issues
  • HUP106 Social and Political Philosophy: Making a World of Difference
  • HUP108 Environmental Ethics
  • HUP114 Medical Ethics
  • HUP122 The Philosophy of Gender and Sex

Discipline: Communication Studies

  • HUC101 Fundamentals of Speech Communications
  • HUC102 Principles of Communication for Non-Native Speakers
  • HUC108 Professional Communication
  • HUC117 Introduction to Computer-mediated Communication
  • HUC118 Gender and Communication
  • HUC120 Mass Media and Their Evolution

  • LBN105 Info City: Informed Citizens in the Information Age

Discipline:  Anthropology

  • SSN182 Urban Anthropology*

Discipline:  Economics

  • SSE103 Introduction to Microeconomics
  • SSE104 Introduction to Macroeconomics
  • SSN189 The Urban Economy*

Discipline:  Political Science

  • SSP250 Political Ideas & Ideologies

Discipline:  Psychology

  • SSN184 Environmental Psychology*
  • SSY112 Introduction to Dis/Ability
  • SSY200 Personality Psychology
  • SSY240 Developmental Psychology I
  • SSY241 Developmental Psychology II
  • SSY250 Social Psychology

Discipline:  Sociology

  • SSI210 Women in Society
  • SSN194 Religion and Social Change
  • SSN202 Environmental Sociology*
  • SSS100 Introduction to Sociology
  • SSS102 Social Movements

Fulfills LaGuardia’s Urban Study requirement
Download PDF version: Individual and Society

Scientific World

Discipline:  Applied Linguistics

  • ELL101 Introduction to Language

Discipline:  Nutrition

  • SCD200 Introduction to Nutrition 

Discipline:  Communication

  • HUC119 Non-Verbal Communication

Discipline:  Philosophy

  • HUP112 Logic & Philosophy   

Discipline:  Mathematics

  • MAC100 Computing Fundamentals
  • MAT200 PreCalculus (STEM)
  • MAT201 Calculus I (STEM) 

Discipline:  Biology

  • SCB115 Principles of Biology (STEM)
  • SCB165 Vertebrate Evolution
  • SCB201 General Biology I (STEM)
  • SCB202 General Biology II (STEM)
  • SCB203 Human Anatomy & Physiology I (STEM)
  • SCB204 Human Anatomy & Physiology II (STEM)
  • SCB265 Fundamentals of Ecology (STEM)   

Discipline:  Chemistry

  • SCC201 General Chemistry I (STEM)
  • SCC202 General Chemistry II (STEM)
  • SCC110 Foundations of Chemistry (STEM)

Discipline:  Oceanography

  • SCG120 Introduction to Oceanography

Discipline:  Physics

  • SCP160 Foundations for the Physical Sciences
  • SCP201 Fundamentals of Physics I (STEM)
  • SCP202 Fundamentals of Physics II (STEM)
  • SCP231 General Physics I (STEM)
  • SCP232 General Physics II (STEM) 

Discipline:  Anthropology

  • SSA100 Introduction to Anthropology
  • SSA103 Introduction to Archaeology

Discipline:  Psychology

  • SSY101 General Psychology
  • SSY230 Abnormal Psychology   

*Satisfies LaGuardia’s Urban Study requirement
Download PDF version: Scientific World