Human Resources Forms

Employee Forms

Welcome to the HR Employee Forms section. Here, you will find all the necessary documents to streamline and manage your employment journey at LaGuardia Community College. From onboarding and benefits enrollment to leave requests and performance evaluations, our comprehensive collection of forms will guide you through various HR processes. Simplify your administrative tasks and ensure a smooth experience by accessing the required forms conveniently in one place.

This section contains dynamic PDF forms that require users to take additional steps to both view them and be able to fill them out. It is indicated which ones are dynamic, and a link with instructions has been provided. Please, follow the steps.
Appointment Checklist – ECP/HEO Series(opens in a new window)
Application for Multiple Position for Non-Teaching Instructional Staff
CUNY – HEO Assignment Differential
CUNY – HEO Reclassification
CUNY – HEO Workload Concerns
HEO Series/CLT Compensatory/Overtime Authorization Form and Report