Health Sciences

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Room: E-Building, E-300 and C-Building, C-252
Phone: (718) 482-5774 and (718) 482- 5470

Monday- Friday 9 a.m.- 5 p.m. 


The Health Sciences Department at LaGuardia Community College gives you the opportunity to pursue knowledge through active engagement in your selected field, guided by dedicated and passionate faculty. Programs include EMT/Paramedic Program, Nutrition and Culinary Management Program, Human Services Programs, Licensed Practical Nursing, Occupational Therapy Assistant Program, Physical Therapist Assistant Program, Public & Community Health, Radiologic Technology Program, Registered Nursing Program, Therapeutic Recreation Program, Veterinary Technology Program. The courses include clinical experiences, fundamental theory and practical, hands-on work that will facilitate your entry into a health science career.


    • Health Sciences Courses
    • Health Sciences Faculty and Staff
    • Change of Major
      As of Fall 2021 the Change of Major process has changed. You are required to request Change of Major Form by emailing The Change of Major Form will then be sent to your LaGuardia Live email with a unique Link for you to complete and submit. We no longer send or accept the form as an attachment.
    • Candidacy Application
      As of Spring 2021 the process for applying for Candidacy has changed. You are required to request the Candidacy Form by emailing The Candidacy Form will then be sent to your LaGuardia Live email for you to complete and submit. We no longer send or receive the Candidacy Form as an attachment. The following majors require a Candidacy Application:

      • Licensed Practical Nursing
      • LPN to RN Advance Standing Pathway
      • Registered Nursing
      • Occupational Therapy Assistant
      • Physical Therapist Assistant
      • Radiologic Technology
      • Veterinary Technology
    • Spring 2024 Nursing Program ATI TEAS Deadline, June 4th 2024

Department Contacts

Contact Office/Phone
Philip Gimber, Department Chairperson E-300Y
Jazmine Freire, EMT / Paramedic Program Advising Coordinator  Paramedic to RN Advance Standing Pathway Advising Coordinator E-300H
Cynthia Vazquez, Director of Nutrition and Culinary Management Program E-300DD
Juline Koken, Director of Human Services E-300V
Regina Lehman, Director of Occupational Therapy Assistant Program E-300I
Clarence Chan, Director of Physical Therapist Assistant Program E-300AA
Theresa Licari, Director of Radiologic Technology Program C-252
Faith Armstrong, Director of Nursing Programs E-300D
Michelle Lugones, Director of Veterinary Technology Program C-252
Tameka Battle, Director of Therapeutic Recreation; Director Public & Community Health C-252H