College Senate Curriculum Committee

In accordance with the rules and regulations of the New York State Education Department and the City University of New York, the Curriculum Committee sets policies for LaGuardia with regard to curriculum formation and implementation.

The committee is a subcommittee of the College Senate. Its constituency represents each academic department as well as Adult & Continuing Education (ACE) and Enrollment Management & Student Development (EMSD).

Deadlines for submissions to College Senate Curriculum Committee 2023-2024


December 01, 2022
2:30- 4:30pm
E-Building, E-322

Social Science Department
Revised Course: SSY250 – Social Psychology
Presented by: Tomoaki Imamichi
New Course: SSN107 – Environmental Anthropology
Presented: Ryan Mann-Hamilton

English Department
Curricular Framework: English – Creative Writing
New Course: ENG277 – Advanced Creative Writing Workshop
Presented by: Noam Scheindlin

Liberal Arts
New Course: FYS – First Year Seminar for College Success (experimental)
Presented by: Christine Marks

Articulation Agreement: Articulation Agreement for Proposed Liberal Arts Social Science and Humanities – Health Humanities Option
Presented by: N/A


November 10, 2022
2:30- 4:30pm
E-Building, E-322


Health Sciences Department: 2:30 PM
Curricular Framework: Occupational Therapy Assistant
Revised Course: SCO101 – Introduction to Occupational Therapy
Revised Course: SCO110 – Ethical & Legal Concepts in Occupational Therapy
Revised course: SCO214 – OT Functional Skills & Occupations I
Revised Course: SCO284 – OTA Level I Fieldwork
Revised Course: SCO285 – OTA Level I Fieldwork
Presented by: Regina Lehman

Humanities Department: 2:50 PM
Curricular Framework: Philosophy
New Course: HUP280 – Experiential Learning in Philosophy
Presented by: Cheri Carr

Curricular Framework: New Media Technology
New Course: HUW164 – XR-Interactive Media
Revised Course: HUW167 – Creative Code and Dynamic Programming
Presented by: Sarada Rauch

Revised Course: HUM160 – Applied Music I
Revised Course: HUM161 – Applied Music II
Revised Course: HUM261 – Applied Music III
Revised Course: HUM145 – Introduction to Songwriting
Presented by: Thomas Dempsey

Mathematics, Engineering and Computer Science Department: 3:15 PM
Curricular Framework: Civil Engineering AS Degree
Presented by: Yves Ngabonziza

English Department: 3:20 PM
Curricular Framework: English – Creative Writing
New Course: ENG277 – Advanced Creative Writing Workshop
Informational Item: Reduction of class size
Presented by: Noam Scheindlin

Social Science Department: 3:30 PM
Revised Course: SSY 101 – General Psychology
Presented by: Joanne Pierre-Louis

Education and Language Acquisition Department: 3:45 PM
Informational Item: Removal of ELL110
Presented by: Tomonori Nagano

Updated Checklist form

October 27th, 2022
2:30- 4:00pm
E-Building, E-322 and Zoom


Humanities Department: 2:30 PM
Revised Course: HUT111 Acting II
Presented by: Christopher Weston

Natural Sciences Department: 2:45 PM
Curricular Framework: Environmental Science; Addition of an Animal Sciences Option
New Course: SCG252 – Animal Behavior and Ethics
New Course: SCB212 – Integrative Physiology
Presented by: Preethi Radhakrishnan

Education and Language Acquisition Department: 3:10 PM
Experimental Course: ELE150 – Introduction to Education Technology
Presented by: Michele de Goeas-Malone

Informational Item: Articulation Agreement for LA TESOL/Linguistics Option

Articulation Agreement:
Sending College: Fiorello H. LaGuardia Community College
Department: Education and Language Acquisition
Program: Liberal Arts option -TESOL (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages)/Linguistics Degree: Associate of Arts (AA)

Receiving College: Lehman College Department: Languages and Literature
Programs: Interdisciplinary Program in Linguistics
Degree: Bachelor of Arts (BA)

Humanities Department (continued): 3:30
Curriculum Framework: Communication Studies
New Course: HUC205 Intercultural Communication
Revised Course: HUC116 Introduction to Speech and Hearing Disorders
Revised Course: HUC120 Introduction to Media Studies
Revised Course: HUC192 Health Communication
Revised Course: HUC212 Organizational Communication
Informational Item: Courses no longer offered
Presented by: Kai Chun Chuang

Course Proposal Form

October 13th, 2022
2:30 PM – 4:00 PM
E-Building, E-322 and Zoom


English Department
Curricular Framework: English
New Course: ENG296 – Literature in Historical Context
Presented by: Tuli Chatterji and Paul Fess

Health Sciences
Informational Item: Program no longer offered: School Foodservice Management
Presented by: Nicolle Fernandes

Informational Item: Program no longer offered: Human Services: Gerontology
Presented by: Michele Mills

Business and Technology Department
Informational Item: Discontinuation of Courses- Word Processing Specialist Certificate Program
Presented by: Andrea Irias

March 17, 2022
2:30- 3:00
On Zoom and in person in M401 A


Articulation Agreements

Education and Language Acquisition
School of Professional Studies, Child Development Associate Certificate to LaGuardia A.A. Education: Early Childhood Education Track, Effective Spring 2022

Liberal Arts
Liberal Arts Social Science and Humanities School of Labor and Urban Studies (SLU) – B.A. Urban and Community Studies, Effective Fall 2022

Natural Sciences
Environmental Science A.S. to Queens College-Environmental Science B.A. or B.S., Effective Fall 2022

External Agreements:
LaGuardia Community College, Nursing, A.A.S to New York Institute of Technology Nursing R.N. to B.S.N., Effective Spring 2022

COLLEGE SENATE CURRICULUM MEETING March 10th, 2022 2:30- 3:30 On Zoom Education and Language Acquisition Department New Course: ELE200 – Foundations of Special Education Curricular Framework: Education AA Degree – Childhood Education Option Curricular Framework: Education AA Degree – Early Childhood Education Option Presented by: Caterina Almendral English Department New course: ENG267 – Playwriting Workshop Curricular Framework: Creative Writing Track Presented by: Kimberly Ramirez Group Discussion OER – Open Educational Resources Developing or Revising courses to a Hybrid format In person Curriculum Meetings this semester

January 06, 2022
2:30 PM – 3:00 PM

Honors Program
Informational Item: New Policy – Honors Option
Presented by Lucia Fuentes, Noam Scheindlin

Previous agendas are available through the department representatives
  • Business and Technology:
    Chair Person: Michael Napolitano
    Committee Member (Alternate): Jennifer Arroyo, Andrea Irias

  • Counseling:
    Chair Person: Lynne Alston-Jackson
    Committee Member (Alternate): Kyoko Toyama

  • Education and Language Acquisition:
    Chair Person: Arthur Lau, Tomonori Nagano
    Committee Member (Alternate): Bede McCormack

  • English:
    Chair Person: Irwin Leopando
    Committee Member (Alternate): Christine Marks, Terry Cole

  • Health Sciences:
    Chair Person: Phil Gimber
    Committee Member (Alternate): Michele Mills, May Tom

  • Humanities:
    Chair Person: Vera Albrecht
    Committee Member (Alternate): Poppy Slocum, Andrew McFarland

  • Library:
    Chair Person: Silvia Lin Hanick
    Committee Member (Alternate): Ian McDermott, Alexandra Rojas

  • Math, Engineering and Computer Science:
    Chair Person: Abderrazak Belkharraz Idrissi
    Committee Member (Alternate): Hassan El Houari, Gordon Crandall

  • Natural Sciences:
    Chair Person: Na Xu, Dilrukshan Wijesinghe
    Committee Member (Alternate): Christopher Farley

  • Social Science:
    Chair Person: Bojana Blagojevic
    Committee Member (Alternate): Alex Welcome, Choon Shan Lai

  • Adult and Continuing Education:
    Chair Person: Sunil Gupta (VP)
    Committee Member (Alternate): David Housel, Chandana Mahadeswaraswamy

  • Registrar:
    Chair Person: Derwent Dawkins

  • Advising:
    Chair Person: Joshua Goldblatt
    Committee Member (Alternate): Laura Barski

  • President of SGA: TBA