Chairs Council

The Chairs Council, consisting of all academic chairs, is one of several bodies that comprise the system of shared governance in the college. It was created to support the work of the academic chairs, address the diverse issues and concerns of the college community by collaborating with governance bodies, and to otherwise advance the core values and mission of the college. Each year, the Council will elect a “Chair of the Chairs” from among its membership. The Chair of the Chairs will manage the Council’s activities, preside over Council meetings, and represent the Council in all matters concerning shared governance.

Academic Chairs

Dr. Vera AlbrechtHumanities
Dr. Bojana BlagojevicSocial Sciences
Philip GimberHealth Sciences
Dr. Abderrazak Belkharraz IdrissiMathematics, Engineering and Computer Science
Dr. Arthur LauEducation and Language Acquisition
Dr. Irwin LeopandoEnglish
Silvia Lin HanickLibrary
Michael Napolitano, Esq.
Chair of the Chairs Council
Business & Technology
Dr. Na XuNatural Sciences

Chairs Council Bylaws