• Advising & Mentoring

    No matter where you are in your educational journey or what you have planned for your future, your team of advisors can help you get there. At LaGuardia, you will have an assigned academic advisor, a faculty mentor, and student peer advisors to provide support.

    • Before your first semester, you will work with an academic advisor.
    • During you first semester, you will receive support from an academic advisor, a team of peers, and your First-Year Seminar (FYS) instructor.
    • After your first semester, in addition to your academic advisor and peer advisors, you will be assigned a faculty mentor in your major. You will work with this team throughout the rest of your time at LaGuardia.

    As you progress in your educational journey, you will have different questions. Each member of your team is an expert, and we will work together to support you on your path toward graduation.

    How to Contact an Advisor or Mentor

    New Students
    Have not attended LaGuardia (yet!)

    Current Students
    Enrolled in Classes this Semester

    Don’t have an assigned academic advisor or mentor?

    Visit us virtually or in person
    (B-Building, Room B-102)!
    First Come-First Served.

    In-Person and Virtual Drop In 11:30 a.m. to 2:30 p.m.

    In-Person and Virtual Drop In 1 p.m. to 4 p.m.

    In-Person Only 9:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m.

    How do I register for classes?
    After you have finalized your plans for next semester, use Schedule Builder in CUNYfirst to choose your schedule and register (see video instructions here).

    If you are having difficulties with registration or have registered but need to swap or drop a class, visit the in-person Registration Lab in C-126 or the Virtual Registration Lab Monday - Friday, 9am to 5pm.

    If you are a new student or have been readmitted to the college, you should meet with an academic advisor before you register.

  • Advisors, Faculty, Peer Mentors, and Students All Play Important Roles in Advising

    Successful Students
    • schedule meetings with their advisors and mentors early, before registration opens, through My LaGuardia
    • are respectful of others' time: they arrive on time for appointments or, if something comes up, cancel their appointment instead of “ghosting”
    • are prepared for meetings with their advisors and mentors, ask questions, and take notes
    • treat their advisors, mentors, and other students the way that they would wish to be treated
    • are familiar with their degree requirements and regularly review their academic process
    • are ready to learn about campus policies, procedures, and resources
    • are open to reflecting on their goals and educational plans and are prepared to discuss and consider other paths

    Academic Advisors can help if you...
    • need to know what classes to take next semester
    • have questions about the course repeat policies
    • have questions about the credit/no credit (C/NC) grade policy
    • have questions about withdrawing from a course or about a WN or WU grade
    • previously faced circumstances that led you to fail a class or classes and would like to discuss the possibility of an appeal
    • have been readmitted to the college after a Suspension/Dismissal
    • need to understand graduation requirements and your progress

    Peer Advisors can help you...
    • are not sure who you should talk to
    • are struggling with work for your English or Math class and need to identify your tutoring options
    • would like advice about talking to your professor
    • have been advised and know what courses you need but need help with planning your schedule and registering using Schedule Builder or Degree Works
    • would like help with digital platforms like Blackboard, My LaGuardia, or CUNYfirst
    • would like help with study skills
    • would like help with time management
    • have questions about student clubs or co-curricular/extracurricular events or groups

    Faculty Mentors can help if you...
    • are struggling with work for a class or classes in your major
    • are facing challenges outside of school that are making it difficult for you to attend classes or complete assignments (things like financial issues, problems with childcare, computer access)
    • want to discuss why a specific class was suggested by your academic advisor
    • have questions about your current major or whether you should change your major
    • have questions about your Milestones progress
    • are ready to start preparing for transfer
    • are ready to start preparing for your career

    Everyone will...
    • support you as you develop your academic and career goals
    • help you make academic decisions that are consistent with your interests, abilities, and goals and an academic plan to reach your goals
    • recommend appropriate classes, discuss recommendations, or direct you to tools that will assist you in course selection
    • refer you to appropriate campus resources
    • be available for meetings and respond to communication in a timely manner
    • maintain confidentiality and be helpful and respectful
  • Students in a room

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  • Helpful Information

    LaGuardia’s YouTube Playlists

    Help logging into My LaGuardia, CUNYfirst, or student email, visit the Student Technology Help Desk located in B127 or call 718-482-6121.

    Information about Online Classes
    What's With All Those W's?

    VAX or MMR/MEN hold, contact Health Services (ASAP students, contact ASAP.)

    New Students

    We are excited that you’ve chosen LaGuardia Community College. This is the place where you can dare to do more, push boundaries and write your own future. At LaGuardia, we care about your success and we are working hard to make sure you have the best College experience. Welcome to LaGuardia!

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    Transfer Students

    When you think about transferring, think Transfer Services. They are here to guide you through your experience, whether you are transferring in or graduating and transferring out. Their goal is to engage, educate and empower you to make informed decisions about the transfer process.

    If you are transferring into LaGuardia, they will evaluate the credits you have earned. If you are transferring from LaGuardia to a four-year college, they will support you throughout the process to help ensure your success.

    Learn more about Transfer Services

    Graduating Students

    To obtain a degree or certificate from LaGuardia Community College, students must apply for Intent to Graduate. Students in their final 12-week session must register for Intent to Graduate in order to have their records reviewed. If all requirements are not met by the end of the final session of attendance, the student must reapply for graduation in order to be considered for the subsequent semester. Learn more about Graduation Requirements and the Graduation Ceremony.

    Special Programs

    LaGuardia offers various special programs for incoming students like you to broaden your educational experience, sharpen your academic skills, and provide additional academic/ personal support to ensure that you make it to graduation. This is the perfect time to explore your options. Check out the Special Programs page to see which one is the right fit for you.

    Academic ESL

    The primary mission of the Academic ESL Program is to provide language instruction and support to students whose first language is not English so that they can succeed in accomplishing their educational goals at LaGuardia Community College. The Program has as its primary aim the teaching of academic writing and integrating into this instruction the other language skills of reading, listening, and speaking. Please email ELA@lagcc.cuny.edu for additional information.

    Academic Progress: 15 to Finish

    Graduate in Two Years, Avoid Debt and Save Money! LaGuardia’s unique semesters, which consist of a 12-week session + a 6-week session, will help you ease your workload. You have four great options* for taking 30 credits per year.

    DegreeWorks and Student Education Plan

    DegreeWorks is a web-based program that enables you to easily track your academic progress. You will be able to see how specific College requirements have been met and what courses you can take to fulfill the requirements which are remaining. With the click of a tab (the ‘What If’ feature), you will also be able to see how your academic requirements might change if you were to change your major. Learn more and view LaGuardia’s Degree Maps.


    Students who do not meet the minimum grade point average (GPA) are placed on academic probation for the following semester. They are given one semester to achieve the minimum grade point average required as per the College’s retention policy. If during this probationary period, students make satisfactory academic progress, they will be returned to good academic standing with the College and may be eligible for financial aid. If the minimum GPA is not achieved, students may be suspended from the College. Learn more about Academic Probation.


    Academic Appeals
    Change of Major