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    LaGuardia Community College's English Department takes to heart the College's mission as an academic institution serving local and varied communities within the context of a large university. The department, like the college as a whole, has always been committed to both access and excellence.

    The Department's curriculum historically has been characterized by a pluralistic perspective, reflecting its commitment to the teaching of our diverse student population and its recognition of the multiculturalism of the City of New York and the larger American society. Our curriculum, drawing on a diversity of voices from classic to contemporary, honors the riches of existing traditions but also includes the power of new traditions, thus preparing our students to establish a place for themselves in a complex world, regardless of gender, race, economic background, ethnic origin, sexual orientation, religion, or other factors. Writing and reading are connected in all courses. Each writing course has been designed to build upon the previous course or courses, and all literature and urban studies courses bring together and expand upon the skills and knowledge acquired in the writing courses.

    Progressive pedagogy such as collaborative and inquiry-based learning largely replaces the lecture-only format, allowing us to involve each student as an agent in his/her education. Technology is now an important and integrated component of our pedagogy, from the use of computers in our composition courses to the curriculum of the final Liberal Arts seminar. Additionally, in all courses the Department provides students with a number of opportunities for the assessment of their learning. It also assesses itself on an ongoing basis and modifies its courses and programs to meet student needs. We are actively involved with faculty across other disciplines through such endeavors as Writing Across the Curriculum and most significantly the development of learning communities.

    As a body of teachers and scholars, the English Department is committed to fostering an environment where the faculty will grow professionally and in which their interests in research, critical investigation, creative writing, editing, and other contributions to the discipline are encouraged, recognized, and appreciated. Our faculty members maintain strong professional commitments to the Department as well as to numerous national and international organizations in English studies and related areas.

    "The mission of the English Department is teaching and learning excellence."