• Credit for Prior Learning

    Prior Learning is college-equivalent education acquired through non-traditional schooling, work, or other life experiences.

  • Methods for earning credit

    • National Standardized Tests (such as Advanced Placement, CLEP, DANTES, Excelsior College Examination Program)
    • Portfolio Evaluation
    • Published Guides (such as the American Council on Education CREDIT program and the College Credit Recommendation Service)
    • Military service and training
    • Completion of approved training programs

    What prior learning may qualify for credits?

    • Work and/or life experiences
    • Learning which is college equivalent
    • Learning equated to those courses directly applicable to curriculum requirements
    • Learning in an area for which LaGuardia has an equivalent course

  • Some restrictions may apply

    Students may receive only ten exemption credits of prior learning credit. An additional 30 credits of transfer credit from other college work may be accepted. Only the course title, course number, and semester hours are posted on the transcript. Awarding of credit for prior learning is solely at the discretion of program faculty.

    Are prior learning credits transferable?

    Should you decide to apply for admission to a traditional degree program after receiving a credit award for prior learning, you should be aware that each college or university has its own policies concerning transfer and prior learning credits. It would be wise to check the transfer policy of a college or university on prior learning credits before making a decision to apply for admission.

  • Portfolio Development

  • You may earn academic credit through the portfolio evaluation procedure. A key criterion in the evaluation of a portfolio for academic credit is the ability to organize and present verifiable evidence of college-level learning. Therefore, the portfolio should be compiled and written by the student with guidance on portfolio preparation from the Credit for Prior Learning Coordinator.

    A prior learning portfolio is a document, written and compiled by applicants, describing learning that can be documented to be equivalent to learning gained in a college course. This information must be presented in such a way as to provide convincing evidence of learning to College faculty evaluators. Students are not required to submit a portfolio.

    If you have had significant college-level learning from activities and can describe and provide independent documentation for this learning, the portfolio may be a helpful tool in completing your degree. There is no guarantee that writing a prior learning portfolio will result the awarding of academic credit. However, credit awarded may count toward meeting appropriate credit hour graduation requirements.

    We strongly urge that if you intend to submit a prior learning portfolio that you start to work on it early in your academic program. With the portfolio evaluation completed, you can better assess which and how many courses you will need to complete your degree. You may submit a prior learning portfolio at any time before meeting all graduation requirements and as long as you are enrolled in a degree or certificate program.

    The simplest is to find out whether what you know is taught in a college course. One useful process is to read the LaGuardia Catalog and check off the courses which correspond to your learning.

  • Yes. There is a limit of 10 hours that can be applied to graduation requirements.

    Your first step should be to contact the Credit for Prior Learning Coordinator and make an appointment to come in.

    Since you will be submitting this portfolio as a request for College credit, it is expected that your document will conform to College standards for written work; that is, it will be neatly typed, double spaced, and with adequate margins. Standard spelling and proper grammar are essential, and the content should be arranged in an orderly and coherent manner.

    Each course request will be submitted, by the Credit for Prior Learning Coordinator, to an appropriate LaGuardia faculty member (usually an individual who teaches the course that has been submitted) for evaluation). Every effort is made to ensure the prior learning portfolio will be evaluated during the semester of submission. Faculty credit recommendations will be reviewed and approved by the department chairperson.