• First Year Institute Program

    The First Year Institute Program provides a variety of programs and support services for new and first-year continuing students during their first-year experience. All courses, instructional materials, and services are offered to eligible students at no tuition cost.

    The Summer and Winter sessions offer a comprehensive integrated program that is available to students who need to fulfill required upper-level developmental courses. Students in College Discovery (CD), Accelerated Study in Associate Programs (ASAP), CUNY EDGE, CLIP and CUNY Start programs are eligible for the First Year Institute Program.

  • Program Details

    • You could potentially take more than one course.
    • All classes require mandatory attendance; lateness and absences may result in not meeting course requirements to pass.
    • Limited seating is available.
    • A computer/device and reliable internet connection are required to access the course.

    1. Which courses are being offered in Summer 2022?
      MAT 096; ENG 099, MAT 099
    2. How do I know if I am eligible to take these courses?
      The Office of Testing Services will directly contact you if you are eligible for any of the courses being offered as part of the Program. You may also be referred by your Academic Advisor.
    3. How long are the courses?
      The courses are three weeks each. You will receive more information during enrollment.
    4. Can I choose my schedule?
      No, these courses are already scheduled. They meet Monday through Friday for 2-4 hours daily. We offer day and evening schedule options (10 a.m. – 2 p.m and 6 p.m. – 10 p.m.). Times may vary by class offering.
    5. What if I miss a class?
      Please check your availability before registering for a course. Unfortunately, lateness and absences can result in failing the course.
  • Program details

  • FYI-Sessions
  • Summer 2022

    We offer free developmental skills courses for new students as well as continuing students during their first-year experience.

    Day and evening schedules are available; classes meet 2-4 hours daily (Monday-Friday), and attendance is mandatory.
    • MAT 096 (Elementary Algebra)
    • ENG 099 (Basic Writing)
    • MAT 099 (Fundamentals of Algebra)

    Contact Alex Abramov at aabramov@lagcc.cuny.edu to register.

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