College Senate Elections

The process and procedures used to conduct College Senate elections are outlined in LaGuardia Community College’s Governance Plan (approved by the CUNY Board of Trustees in 2009). Non-student Senator terms run for two years while student Senator terms run for one year with all new terms usually beginning with the October meeting. Terms that are expiring usually do so at the September meeting and except for student terms, all of which expire at the same time, the expiration of terms is staggered to ensure some continuity. There are elections for at-large, divisional, departmental, and student seats. Elections for expiring seats are usually held online in mid-October after the nomination period closes expire. An election for the seven members that will serve on the College Senate’s Executive Committee is held at the first meeting of the new Senate term, which is usually in October. This procedure for electing the Executive Committee is designed to comply with New York State’s open meeting law and personal information is retained on the ballot.

Calls for nominations for College Senate seats are put out at the beginning of the Fall I session in September with the nomination period usually lasting two weeks. The eligibility requirements to serve in each seat are sent out along with the call for nominations.

Anyone interested in nominating themselves as a candidate for a non-student seat needs to respond to the call by notifying the College Senate Chairperson or the College Senate’s Committee on Elections of their intention to run. Students who wish to run for student seats need to fill-in and file an application with the Office of Campus Life before the nomination period ends.

The Committee on Elections makes decisions on whether nominees for non-student seats are eligible to run as candidates in an election. The Office of Campus life ensures that student nominees meet the GPA and registration requirements in order to become candidates.

New students who have yet to receive any grades are eligible to run as candidates as long as they meet all other requirements, however new students must also meet the minimum GPA requirements in order to retain their seats.

The Committee on Elections notifies all nominees (student and non-student) of their eligibility to run as candidates. Should there be more candidates running an the election than seats available, the positions are awarded based on the ranking of the candidates in terms of the number of votes received. Candidacy eligibility requirements are outlined in the LaGuardia Community College’s Governance Plan.

Eligibility to vote in non-student elections (at-large, divisional, and departmental) is based on CUNY title and/or division/departmental affiliation, while all registered students may vote in the election for student Senators.

Voting is done online and voters must log-in to polls using their respective College authentication credentials (to ensure someone does not vote twice), however personal identifiable information is stripped from the “ballot” and only the vote is recorded to ensure secrecy.

Voters receive a link to the online election poll electronically, usually by email, the day the poll opens and usually given three days to vote. The Committee on Elections is responsible for certifying election results and notifying successful candidates.

To orient new Senators, especially student members of the Senate, the Executive Committee will host a meeting to take place after elections.

Agenda includes:

  • Welcome
  • Understanding the LaGuardia Community College Senate Governance Document
    • Senator Role and Responsibilities
    • Standing Committees
  • Meeting format and Standing Committees with attention to the Curriculum Committee and the Consent Calendar
  • Questions and Answers

Continuing orientation efforts will include an early fall semester meet-and-greet with the Committee on Professional Development and discussion of Senators’ participation in upcoming activities.