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The English Department is here to help you develop your voice, critical mind, and creative potential by guiding you to write for college and beyond. In our foundational writing courses, you will have a chance to build confidence and take on new challenges as writers and readers, guided by dedicated and supportive faculty.

We encourage students to consider majors in English, Creative Writing, Ethnic Studies, Journalism, and Women, Gender, and Sexuality Studies (WGS). Students who choose our majors can expect to work closely with our faculty who are experts in their areas of research and passionate about student learning and advisement. Whether you major in English, Creative Writing, Journalism, WGS, or simply want to explore our classes as electives, we offer a variety of courses that introduce students to diverse authors, hands-on research, and dynamic publication and internship opportunities.


Degrees & Programs

When you become an English Major, you will work closely with accomplished and dedicated faculty to deepen your understanding of a diverse range of literatures. Being an English Major will allow you to develop writing, analytical, and research skills that are desirable for many workplaces such as marketing, publishing, and online content creation. Learn more about the English major on ePortfoilio.

English: Creative Writing Track
The Creative Writing Track of the English Major is for people who want to write literature, as well as to read and study it. You will experiment to see how far you can push language, and to bring new meaning into the world. You will get an instant audience in our writing workshops as you work on fiction, non-fiction, poetry, drama, and things less categoriz-able; and you will develop your craft by listening to, reading and talking about the works of your colleagues. You will work closely with your professors, all published writers and passionate teachers. In short, you will participate in a community of writers who share your creative spirit. Learn more about the Creative Writing Track on ePortfolio.

Liberal Arts: Ethnic Studies Option
The Ethnic Studies Option leads to an Associate of Arts degree, and is designed to introduce students to theoretical, historical, and critical analyses of race and ethnicity in the United States. Students will survey the contributions of people of color to the areas of politics, religion, education, history, science, art, and theory in local, national, and global contexts.  As such, students will engage diverse schools of thought and approaches to investigate the legacy of colonization, decolonization, and notions of power and resistance. Optimally, students will go on to pursue a bachelor’s degree in several Ethnic Studies-related programs at CUNY senior colleges and other bachelor’s degree-granting institutions.

Liberal Arts: Journalism Option
The Journalism Major is for interested in storytelling and covering the news. You will find story ideas, interview and research, and write and edit news stories. As you become a creative, confident, and professional writer, the Journalism Major will provide hands on experience with beat reporting, digital journalism, broadcast journalism, feature writing, editing, and publishing. Learn more about the Journalism Major on ePortfolio.

Liberal Arts: Women, Gender, and Sexuality Studies
Women, Gender, and Sexuality Studies (WGS) engages students in the discovery and exploration of culture and society through the intersections of gender, race, sexuality, class, and nationality. This interdisciplinary option is taught by faculty from the Social Sciences, English, and Humanities departments, and prepares students to become better-informed world citizens, equipped to tackle the systemic implications and outcomes of particular local, national, and global forces that affect women and LGBTQ people.

Department Contacts

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Dr. Irwin Leopando, Department Chairperson E-103J
Dr. Jaqueline Jones, Deputy Department Chair E-103D
Sylwia Prendable, M.A., Academic Program Manager E-103A
Linda Dong, Department Staff E-103
Stephanie Mancuso, Office Staff E-103
Savitri Sharma, Office Staff E-103
Dr. Jesse Schwartz, English Major Program Director M-109B
Dr. Noam Scheindlin, Creative Writing Track Program Director M-119G
Bijoyeta Das, Journalism Major Program Director E-254B
Berton Eisenstadt, Writing Center Director B-200
Dr. J. Elizabeth Clark, Writing Program Administrator E-103D
Dr. Tara Coleman, Writing Program Administrator M-119C
Dr. Dominique Zino, Writing Program Administrator E-103R