• Who We Are

  • CUNY EDGE, formerly known as the COPE program, provides students with a range of services, benefits, and supports so that they succeed in college and in their careers.

    • CUNY EDGE envisions a world in which all people have access to the educational opportunities and support they need to realize academic success, a sustainable career, and a brighter future.
    • CUNY EDGE’s mission is to help CUNY students who are receiving public assistance achieve academic excellence, graduate on time, and find employment.

    CUNY EDGE is a partnership between the New York City Human Resources Administration (HRA) and the University. Matriculated CUNY undergraduate students who receive cash assistance from HRA are eligible to participate in CUNY EDGE.

  • Services - CUNY Edge


    • CUNY EDGE provides structured, effective programming to help students complete their degree.
    • The crux of CUNY EDGE’s work is individualized academic, personal, and career planning support.
    • We encourage consistent enrollment in courses each semester and enrollment in intersession classes, as needed
    • We promote a culture of academic excellence
    • We connect students to work opportunities while in school and provide career development services for job placement after graduation.
    • Advisors and other staff members lead a personal and professional development seminar series each semester to assist students with goal-setting, career development, and self-advocacy.
    • CUNY EDGE collaborates with other college offices to best support our students.
    • Students can participate in other CUNY programs such as ASAP, College Discovery, and SEEK at the same time as CUNY EDGE.

  • Human Resources Administration

    Human Resources Administration Work Study Program

    The HRA Work Study Program provides a limited number of paid work opportunities for CUNY EDGE students.

    Student Eligibility
    • CUNY EDGE staff identify available work opportunities on campus.
    • HRA determines eligibility and the number of hours each student is assigned.

    Work Study Site Placement
    • We screen and match students to appropriate sites, taking into consideration their majors, interests, and experience.
    • Students gain invaluable professional experience and build their resumes.
    • Students are able to work up to 19 hours per week.

  • Contact CUNY EDGE Office

    31-10 Thomson Ave
    Room: MB-13
    Long Island City, NY 11101
    (718) 482-5479

    Ada Bedor
    Telephone: (718) 482-5445
    Naji Muniz
    Telephone: (718) 482-5647
    Career Specialist
    Erica Guzman
    Phone: (718) 482-5645
    Kimberlee Vogel
    Telephone: (718) 482-5491
    Jessica Rodriquez
    Telephone: (718) 482-5492
    Attendance Monitor
    Tatyana Fridrikova
    Phone: (718) 482-5918