• First Year Institute

    The First Year Institute provides a variety of programs and support services for new and first-year continuing students during their first-year experience. All courses, instructional materials, and services are offered to eligible students at no tuition cost.

    The Summer and Winter sessions offer a comprehensive integrated program that is available to students who need to fulfill required upper-level developmental courses. First time entry criteria for all courses are required in order to participate in the program. Limited seating is available. Students may potentially take more than one course during Summer sessions, however, you cannot take multiple courses simultaneously. Morning, Afternoon and Evening classes available. Courses are scheduled in a two-week or three-week calendar format. Typically, classes will run Monday through Friday. Students in College Discovery (CD), Accelerated Study in Associate Programs (ASAP) and CUNY EDGE programs are eligible for First Year Institute.

  • FYI-Sessions
  • Winter 2019

    Free developmental skills courses for new students!

    Day and evening schedules are available; classes meet 4 or 5 hours daily (Monday- Friday).
    • MAT096 (Algebra)
    • MAT099 (MAT095 and MAT096 combined)
    • CSE099 (Reading)
    • ENG099 (Writing)
    • ESL097 (English as a second language)

    Register in C-428 Monday- Thursday 11am- 5pm and Friday 11am- 2pm.

  • Second Chance Program - FYI

    Second Chance Program

    Second Chance classes are offered to students who are in need of additional academic support for a developmental course. The program is designed to help students pass the developmental course of study. Students are admitted into the program based on instructor’s recommendation. Second Chance classes are scheduled during intersession for a one-week (25 hour) class.

  • Prep Workshops - FYI

    Prep Workshops

    Prep workshops are designed to prepare students for a developmental skills or introductory college-level course. Workshops are offered to students who are registered for the course. Prep workshops are scheduled before the beginning of the semester for a three-day (12 hour) period. Limited offerings for target groups.

  • First Year Institute Winter Courses

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