• Remy Patrick Lavilla - Class Representative 
    Karina Ramos Caraballo
    Class of 2018 Representative

    Remy Patrick Lavilla, a Philippine native, moved to the US two years ago after the infamous Typhoon Haiyan hit his hometown. At 17 years old upon arriving NYC, he enrolled as a foreign student in Accounting at LaGuardia.

    On campus and beyond, Lavilla has made a name for himself as a President’s Society ambassador, a graphic designer for the Honors Program, a Phi Theta Kappa member, and as a College Assistant in the President’s Office; all while consistently making the Dean’s List with a 3.91 GPA.

    Last summer, Lavilla was selected to be in the National Student Leadership Committee – an opportunity offered by the White House to only seven students in the nation — to campaign Obama’s proposal to make community colleges free.

    Most recently, Lavilla received the National Innovation for Tomorrow Award by ThinkGeek for prototyping a mobile app that revolutionized the college transfer process.

    The epitome of The American Dream, Lavilla will pursue Financial Economics at Columbia University.