The Office of Student Rights and Responsibilities/Advocacy (OSRR/A) focuses on conduct administration and compliance as well as student advocacy. Our mission is to engage students in learning to help maintain a high standard of academic and social integrity.

We provide information on academic, behavioral, and personal matters to enable students to make informed decisions and help the College community communicate with students on matters that can impact student progress. OSRR/A provides advocacy services on behalf of the student body in a fair, equitable, and objective manner.

Resolving Issues

Many issues are addressed through dispute resolution and mediation. We also offer resources and referrals to help students effectively navigate various challenges and attain a successful, enriching College experience.

Learn about the student complaint resolution process.

Student Behavioral Intervention Team (SBIT)

SBIT addresses concerns about students who exhibit unusual behavior and may be a danger to the College community. The team works to cultivate a culture of caring by helping faculty and staff identify such behavior and coordinating support to address it.

Find out more about SBIT.