Grievance Procedure

Our aim is for every student to be satisfied with their experience of LaGuardia. We understand, however, that problems arise from time to time, and students may wish to express concern or dissatisfaction with aspects of OSD or the quality of services provided. We encourage feedback, as it allows us to address problems and improve the student experience.

Please note: Complaints can arise as a result of mismanaged expectations, by either party, and most of them can be resolved informally or locally. Therefore, you must pursue an informal resolution before submitting a formal complaint.

To file a complaint with the Office for Students with Disabilities please fill out the Disability Services Grievance Form and submit it in person to Room M-102.

If the complaint cannot be resolved internally, it will be referred to the College ADA Coordinator for resolution.

Principles and Practices

In consideration of any complaint, OSD will adhere to the following principles:

  • All complaints will be treated fairly, impartially, effectively, and in a timely manner.
  • All complaints will be treated seriously and constructively and can be made without fear of victimization or retaliation.
  • Where OSD is found to have made a mistake or fallen short of reasonable expectations, an apology will be made, the mistake rectified where appropriate, and/or action taken to prevent the same mistake from happening again.
  • Complaints will be monitored and analyzed to address the root causes. OSD will report on actions taken as a result of complaints.

In consideration of any complaint, OSD will adopt the following practices:

Our Complaints Procedure focuses on resolving complaints rather than apportioning blame. Confidentiality owed to staff and students will be protected. Details of a complaint may, however, need to be shared with relevant parties (on a need-to-know basis) in order for a full investigation to take place, and individuals named in a complaint will be made aware of the allegations and have the opportunity to give their version of events.

  • Wherever possible and agreeable to the parties concerned, complaints will be resolved informally, without recourse to the formal Complaints Procedure.
  • Repeated or vexatious complaints will not necessarily be considered.
  • In some instances, when appropriate, complaints may be referred to other appropriate offices for further investigation.
  • All parties involved in a complaint will be kept informed of the progress of the complaint at regular and appropriate intervals during the process.
  • However, when a complaint is made anonymously (through our suggestion/complaints box), it will not be possible to report to the complainant. However, we will still investigate and make adjustments and corrections, if necessary.