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    SGA is your voice. We’re devoted to representing, advocating and empowering every student at LaGuardia through leadership, resources and diverse and innovative ideas. We recognize tradition and embrace the future, seeking to unify students, faculty, staff and alumni while enhancing the campus community as a whole. Read the SGA Constitution.

    LaGuardia Elections Code

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  • About the Positions

    Elections are held during Spring Session I of each academic year for SGA as well as the Faculty-Student Disciplinary Committee (FSDC). Find out more about the positions below.

    Purpose of the SGA
    • To serve as the primary voice and representative of the student body to the College administration, faculty, various student organizations, CUNY and its constituent parts, and the general public
    • To increase student interest and participation in educational, social, and cultural affairs at the College
    • To promote academic freedom, student rights and general student welfare
    • To inform itself on College programs and operations that impact student success
    SGA Positions Available

    Benefits of Being an SGA Governor
    Monthly stipend, personal office space in the SGA suite, invaluable leadership experience and countless networking opportunities.

    Job Description

    Purpose of the FSDC
    The FSDC conducts disciplinary hearings involving students who are charged with violating the various academic and social rules of conduct.

    FSDC Positions
    Six positions are available for election. On any given case, two of the six students are chosen in rotation to preside over FSDC hearings alongside two faculty and a chairperson.

    Duties of FSDC Student Members

    • Listen to testimonies and review evidence from all parties involved in a disciplinary hearing.
    • Work with other FSDC members to make a decision regarding the guilt of the accused student.
    • If a student is found guilty, the FSDC can recommend a variety of disciplinary sanctions ranging from warnings to suspension from the college.
    • If a student is found not guilty, the FSDC recommends that the charges be dismissed.

    Example of a Real FSDC Case
    A student received a failing grade from a professor. The following semester the student was placed on academic probation. The student saw the professor the following semester and assaulted the professor. The student blamed the professor for recommending academic probation, when in reality it was done automatically by the Registrar's Office, based on the total amount of courses that failing grades were received.

    Benefits of Being an FSDC Student Member
    While the service is minimum, similar to jury duty, it is viewed as valuable community service and is highly recognized by the City University of New York.

    For more information on FSDC, please contact Arturo Luis Merchant, student judiciary officer, at luism@lagcc.cuny.edu.

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    For inquiries directly related to elections, please email Donniece Davis, associate director of Campus Life, at Dodavis@lagcc.cuny.edu


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