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    The LaGuardia Community Greenway is a collaborative effort to create a new open space for Long Island City, and LaGuardia’s 33,000 students and faculty. LaGuardia envisions reclaiming public streets to create a space that is sustainable and positively impacts the physical and mental health of the community and environment.

    As a pilot program in 2022, organized by the President’s Society Environment Program, the Greenway was introduced as a pop-up space for outdoor activities and programming on 29th Street, stretching from Skillman Avenue to 47th Avenue. The success of the pop-up Greenway inspired the LaGuardia community to partner with New York City’s Open Streets program to bring back the LaGuardia Community Greenway with a series of eight days filled with events and activities that reflect our community’s diversity, culture, and spirit.

  • Vision

    Through the LaGuardia Community Greenway, we aim to create a permanent “Plaza” for the college and the community at large. We aim to realize our vision by closing 29th Street from Skillman Avenue to 47th Avenue, creating a public open space, with trees, and paths for pollinators, scenic surroundings, and places to rest.

    Together, LaGuardia Community College and the local community will work to reclaim the public streets to create “The Plaza,” as an urban sanctuary that gives people mental and physical respite, and an opportunity to reflect on how we should engage with our environment. It is our goal to ensure a sustainable future and we believe that we can make history and enhance the campus life for generations to come.

    LaGuardia Community College Greenway Map