Pathways to Graduation Program
(GED® 17/5 to 21 years of age)


Are you between the ages of 17 1/2 and 21 and out of school?

We will give you the tools, and the inspiration, to write your own future!

Pathways to Graduation provides free high school equivalency preparation classes as well as social and emotional support services, paid internships, college admissions assistance,and career workshops to help ensure your success during the program and after you pass the General Educational Development (GED®) exam.

In addition, a major benefit of being at LaGuardia Community College is access to the college’s many programs and direct admission to LaGuardia.


To apply to Pathways to Graduation, call (718) 482-5340 or (718) 482-2131 to schedule an appointment. Pre-entry testing is required. Walk-ins are welcome!


Mohammed Uddin

Mohammed Uddin completed Pathways to Graduation and enrolled at LaGuardia. He became Student Government President and went on to graduate with honors.


The General Educational Development (GED®) exam is the main pathway to the New York State high school equivalency diploma. The GED tests your knowledge in core content areas to confirm that you are on grade level with high school seniors.

  • Mathematical Reasoning
  • Reasoning Through Language Arts
  • Social Studies
  • Science

The test takes approximately nine hours over a two day period to complete.

You should receive your GED results in less than two weeks. If you pass the exam, you should receive your diploma in six weeks from the date of testing. Some results may take longer to ensure accuracy.


Pathways to Graduation is sponsored by the New York City Department of Education