College Art

Follow your passion and express your creativity by taking a college level art class at LaGuardia.
LaGuardia’s College Art classes are open to the public on a non-credit basis at a special fee of $320 per course. Decisions on class size are made early, so register in advance. Alternate days and times for college classes are sometimes available for Continuing Education students. For more information call (718) 482-7244.


Beginning Drawing

You will be introduced to drawing through basic examination of the visual fundamentals of line, texture, value, space, and form. You'll also explore problems in descriptive drawing. There will be individual and group critiques. Sketchbooks are required.

Beginning Photography I

Discover photography by exploring the 35mm camera, lighting exposure, processing, and printing. You will also examine the creative use of photography techniques as they relate to individual expression. Special projects and a final portfolio are required. You must bring your own 35mm camera with a single lens reflex (SLR)/interchangeable 50mm lens.

Digital Photography I

This course is designed to introduce students to the hardware and software utilized in capturing digital images. It will include use of digital cameraa, analog cameras, scanners and the loading of images from the Internet. Students will be introduced to software such as Adobe Photoshop and QuarkXpress, and they will explore their interface with the Macintosh and Windows operating systems. A portfolio presented in "soft" media form will be created.

Art in New York: A Museum/Gallery Seminar

Through first?hand experience using the museums, galleries, critics, and collectors of New York City, students will examine the form and content of a multicultural range of painting, drawing, outsider art, craft, and sculpture. Museum and gallery visits, as well as a visit to a working artist's studio, will comprise major portions of this course. The class will discuss and write about the exhibits to explore the nature of art criticism.

Introduction to Art

This course is designed to develop the students' ability "to see," while it examines the fundamental nature, meaning and humanistic value of art. Attention will be given to an examination of the creative process and to the role of the spectator as an active participant in the understanding of Art. Relevant readings will be discussed in relation to specific works of Art. The function of basic compositional elements will be examined.

Beginning Painting I

Take an introduction to painting techniques in relation to landscaped, still life and abstract composition. Emphasis will be on color expression and color mixing. There will be individual and group critiques.

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